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DescriptionThe Missing stars Kent North who is abducted along with a few other studs, and imprisoned by an insatiably hungry group of sex starved guards. The prisoners however don't seem to be too upset at having to perform for their captors. Lots of group sex scenes and hot role playing in today's fetishly freaky flic! Taken from his bed at night, Kent North comes to in a compound ruled by an unknown Abductor. Kent immediately has unspeakable acts of punishment preformed on him and nonstop service from the men who guard the compound. Infuriated by his attitude yet intrigued by his sexual appetite, The abductor throws North into solitary confinement in an attempt to break his will; but Kent isn't the only one missing from the city. An untold number of other hot men are imprisoned at the compound, waiting to please their abductors.

Featuring: Antonio Roca, Chuck Dirocco, Dean Tucker, Enzo Grimaldi, Jason Ridge, Jed Willcox, Kent North, Kirk Ziegler, Marco Paris, Martin Mazza, Matt Majors, Nick Piston, Rik Jammer, Rod Barry, Shane Rollins, Tony Mecelli, Trevor Knight and Warren Lord
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