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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-01-30 |
All American Guys - Heat Seekers

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01 AAG newcomer Joe K. Filmed in upstate New York (May 12, 2010).mp4 61.16 MB
02 Nick B. is hotter than ever in this latest Heatseeker rendition. Shot on the hot beaches of St. Petersburg, FL (Apr 22, 2010).mov 65.77 MB
03 Chris, sexy wet. Super hot footage of Chris in the ocean, on the beach and showering down (Mar 30, 2010).mov 43.11 MB
04 Jason T. and a white sofa never looked so good (Mar 15, 2010).mov 41.58 MB
05 Sexy model Cole, Heatseeker (Mar 08, 2010).mov 32.68 MB
06 Chris's latest Heatseeker takes it up a notch (Mar 02, 2010).mov 37.49 MB
07 Gary - jeans, tank top and nothing else, makes this video quite hot (Feb 18, 2010).mov 33.07 MB
08 Newcomer Chris takes his second Heatseeker to another level. Steaming hot! (Feb 09, 2010).mov 37.32 MB
09 HD Newcomer Chris, Heatseeker - Brief Changes (Feb 01, 2010).mov 44.48 MB
10 Dark, sexy, edgy intro to a new AAG model. Some of the content on this video has landed it in the Heatseeker category (Jan 22, 2010).mov 32.19 MB
11 Extended footage, Pete is scorching hot in this behind the scenes of a Heatseekers video and interview. From his recent Fall shoot with AAG (Jan 15, 2010).mov 77.63 MB
12 HD The final Heatseeker of 2009 is a hot one indeed, courtesy of Anthony C. (Dec 29, 2009).mov 27.65 MB
All Amerigan Guys - Heat Seekers.jpg 783.09 kB
Anthony C. at his sexiest (Dec 09, 2010).mov 36.02 MB
Anthony G. gets sexy ocean side (Oct 14, 2010).mov 44.35 MB
Anthony G., sexy Heatseeker (Oct 08, 2010).mov 38.41 MB
Capture_47.jpg 135.19 kB
Chase B. and his amazing physique. (Oct 28, 2010).mov 35.21 MB
Doug P - The Bed (Nov 16, 2010).mov 46.84 MB
Doug P. takes it to another level of ultra sexy. (Nov 28, 2010).mov 72.75 MB
Heat Seekers.jpg 981.10 kB
Jason T. looking good in briefs (Aug 31, 2010).mov 40.50 MB
Kent's Heatseeker video is not recommended for viewers with heart trouble or propensity to fainting spells. (Nov 10, 2010).mov 37.79 MB
Kent, being as sexy as ever, outdoors. Heatseeker (Dec 14, 2010).mov 34.08 MB
Kent, Heatseeker remake new footage included. (Sep 13, 2010).mov 79.55 MB
Newcomer Doug P. heats it up (Oct 21, 2010).mov 38.44 MB
Nick B, dark, edgy, pushing the limits (Oct 12, 2010).mov 39.24 MB
Nick B, dark, edgy, reprise (Dec 02, 2010).mov 46.29 MB
Sexy Heatseeker by William (Aug 10, 2010).mov 45.85 MB
Ultra hot to the max, Eric D. remake, with never before seen footage (Nov 01, 2010).mov 57.80 MB
Ultra sexy Jake compilation, buy request. The best of Jake (Oct 12, 2010).mov 65.03 MB
Ultra sexy Jason T. Heatseeker (Aug 20, 2010).mov 62.92 MB
Untitled-1 copy.jpg 810.45 kB
Vintage Remake of Cody Phere (Oct 29, 2010).mov 37.25 MB
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