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Gay Wrestling Ty Garrison & Gilles Laurent vs Jude Johns

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Ty and Gilles formed a lasting bond during their explosively erotic match - a match which was described by one reviewer as "watching two wild animals mate." When newcomer Jude arrives, Ty arrogantly peels off his shirt challenging his opponent: "What do you think of this?" Jude coolly removes his shirt, revealing a ripped torso of his own. "THIS is what I think of that!" The taunts and flexing continue until Jude strips out of his jeans. The excitement over the imminent battle is palpable and apparent in Ty's bulging squarecut! He clearly wants to impress not only his Gilles but also his cocky opponent. The two men lock up and start to wrestle. Jude dominates, his knee down on Ty's throat. Ty tries to power out to no avail, finally submitting to Jude's advantage. "Fuck," Ty groans as Gilles massages his man's shoulders. Not quite what Ty had planned. Jubilant Jude challenges him to another fall. This time Ty takes no chances, muscling Jude into a face-to-crotch schoolboy pin, flexing supremely as Gilles pats his shoulders approvingly. As Ty goes to kiss Gilles in celebration of his victory, Jude snaps on a full nelson and takes Ty down to the mats again, snaking the hold into a sleeper! "Submit," Jude demands, "you know you want to!" Ty remains defiant but the pressure keeps mounting. As does the pressure for the horny, eager Gilles to get into the action himself.... How much longer can he stand to see his 'mate' manhandled and humiliated?The battle rages between Ty and Jude, with punches landing and holds cranked, Jude surprising the veteran with his tenacity and strength. From the sidelines, Gilles is visibly perturbed by the shellacking his 'man' is taking. When Jude gets a sleeper on Ty and it looks like he's about to go down for the count, Gilles finally steps in. After rescuing Ty, he and Jude begin battling as Ty retreats to the couch. Jude is up for the challenge, but already tired from his exertions with Ty, he falls to the fresh and revenge-driven Gilles. As Jude lies on the mattress, Ty and Gilles share a celebratory kiss. Ty strips Gilles down to a pair of shiny silver trunks and sends him off to confront Jude again. Gilles and Jude are well-matched and neither manages an advantage that is until Jude traps Gilles in a brutal and sexy boston crab. Jude is clearly enjoying his ride, taunting both his opponents from his boston perch. Gilles predicament and Jude's arrogance bring Ty off the couch and back into the fray! The lean pretty boy gets double scissored, gutbashed and bearhug sandwiched. Jude is a strong wrestler, but can he overcome the double teaming of a treacherous and horny couple? It's soon obvious that they have an agenda for the ripped rookie - one which he may not want, but for which he will be offered no choice!
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