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Beautiful Bradley Cook

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DescriptionVideo Pack of 18yo blonde beauty Bradley Cook.

STR8 HELL - Spanking
Bradley Cook is blindfolded and shackled, by wrists and ankles, to the bed. His big, soft, cock lays between his legs as he struggles to free himself. Borek Sokol arrives and begins to whip Bradley's hot body. Then Borek attaches clamps to Bradley's nipples, making him moan. He slaps on the chest too and then ties the cock and balls. Bradley moans as Borek slaps on his beautiful body and pulls on the cock and balls. He whips the body and shoves a vibrator into Bradley's mouth too. Then the ankles are released and Bradley holds his legs up as his tight hole is tormented with the vibrator. It is shoved into his hole, going in nice and deep. As he works the vibrator in that hot hole Borek spanks on the ass cheeks too, making Bradley moan some more. His hole really gets worked by the vibrator and his ass gets whipped too. Then he is turned over, onto his knees to have that ass whipped some more. The cock and balls are pulled as the vibrator goes back into the hot hole. He is then made to wank on his big, fat cock. As he lays on the bed wanking himself Bradley's hot body gets spanked some more.
Size - 569MB
Time - 19.28min

Bradley Cook has an interview about a job. He walks into the office and sits to be interviewed by the woman. She asks him some questions, filling out a form with his answers. Bradley explains that he wishes to be a model and is asked some personal questions, about the size of his cock. Then the woman says she can check his health to be a model and tells Bradley to remove his clothes. he doesn't have underwear on but the woman says that is fine. As he stands naked, his hands covering his cock and balls the woman begins to inspect him. Bradley's hand hardly covers his big cock, as it starts to swell. Then he exposes it as the woman has to measure it. She tells him to get the cock fully hard as she wants to measure it like that. She takes hold of the cock and gently wanks it, and it soon gets hard. She blows on the cock and kisses it as she wanks it. She also rubs Bradley's balls and then licks his cock too. Clearly she wants more and soon starts to suck that big cock. She sucks it and licks up and down the shaft, then she has Bradley kneel on the sofa, showing his ass. She spanks the ass and keeps pulling on his cock. She tells him that she has to check his ass, dripping oil into the crack. She rubs the oil over Bradley's hairy hole sliding a finger inside. As she fingers his hole she also wanks on his thick cock. Then she spanks his ass too. She has more planned for Bradley, sitting him down and blindfolding him. Then she uses a whip on his sexy chest. But she cant resist his cock and is soon sucking on it again. He lifts his legs for her and she fingers his hole some more as she wanks and sucks his cock.
Size - 664MB
Time - 22.45min

STR8 HELL - Duty Bound
Bradley Cook is shackled and blindfolded at the start of his Duty Bound Dream Set, with a gag in his mouth too. He strains against the shackles but cannot release himself. Then Erik Drda and Tomas Decastro arrive.. They start to torment his nipples and feel his body. Erik's cock seems to be hard in his underwear as Tomas sucks on his nipples and Erik slaps his face. Tomas gropes the stiff cock through the underwear and then they attach clothes pins to Erik's nipples. His underwear is removed and Tomas grabs the throbbing cock and wanks it, and then starts to suck and lick it too. Erik flicks at the clothes pins on Bradley's nipples, making him moan. Soon Tomas is naked and rock hard too and Erik's dick is poking, hard, out of his pants. They raise Bradley's legs to expose his ass hole. Then inspect the hole and spank on that sexy ass as Tomas wanks the stiff dick. Erik takes a dildo and lubes it and then shoves it into Bradley's tight hole as Tomas goes back to sucking on that cock. Erik moans as his hole is stretched by the dildo. Erik keeps pushing it in and out of that hot hole as Tomas continues to suck and wank. Then that ass needs more and Tomas shoves his big cock deep inside. Bradley keeps up his moaning as his ass is pounded by Tomas' cock. Erik's hand is over Bradley's mouth as he keeps moaning as he is fucked deep and hard. Then it is Erik's turn to fuck that hot ass, and he goes for it big time, as Bradley wanks himself. Bradley's cock throbs in his hand as he wanks it hard and fast. He moans loudly as he wanks and shoots his hot cum over his belly, with Erik's dick still pounding his hole. Tomas wanks himself as Erik keeps fucking. Then Tomas rubs the tender head of Bradley's dick before he is turned onto his knees. Tomas shoves his dick back into that hot ass and fucks it deep. He is quickly ready to shoot his load and pulls out to dump his cum on Bradley's sexy ass. Erik the slides his dick back into the ass and fucks it deep. He pounds the hole until he is ready too and pulls out to shoot his hot load all over Bradley's hot ass. Having exhausted themselves Tomas and Erik leave Bradley to recover.
Size - 748MB
Time - 25.34min

WH Wank Party #8
In Wank Party 2016 #8 we join Bradely Cook, Mirek Madle, Libor Lisek and Miro Matejka in part 2 as Libor is shackled to the wall. He complains as his underwear is removed and Miro slides his big, hard, cock deep into the waiting ass. Mirek stands watching, and wanks his cock. Miro fucks Libor's ass and spanks it as his dick ploughs in and out. He fucks hard and fast making Libor moan. Miro pulls out to give Bradley the chance to fuck the waiting hole. Bradley's big cock fills the hot and he fucks it deep and hard. Miro and Mirek wank themselves as they watch. Then Libor's hole is filled by Mirek as he takes a turn at fucking. His dick pumps in and out of the ass as hard as he can. Then as he pulls out his cock is replaced by Miro again. As Miro fucks Libor he also wanks Mirek. Libor is moved, his wrists still shackled with his legs over Miro's shoulders for more fucking as Mirek drops to his knees and sucks Bradley. Then Bradley's big dick takes a turn in Libor's hole as Miro sucks on Mire's throbbing cock. Miro is still hot for ass and Mirek obliges, laying down with his legs up for some hot fucking. He grabs his cock and wanks it as Miro fucks his ass so hard. Mirek keeps wanking as he gets fucked and soon dumps his hot cum all over himself. Miro keeps fucking the hot ass as Mirek milks his cock. Libor is released and stands over Mirek to shoot his hot cream too. Then Miro pulls out of the ass and shoots his hot load as well. Bradley is ready to cum too, and Libor drops to his knees to receive the creamy load over his chest. Libor grabs the big cock and licks and suck the cum from it to end a very hot scene.
Size - 528MB
Time - 18.04min

WH Full Contact
Bradley Cook is sitting at his desk reading a magazine and listening to some music when Marion Anel finds him. Marion leans over and kisses Bradley's neck and rubs his shoulders. He pulls out Bradleys ear buds and closes his magazine so he has his full attention. Bradley turns to face Marion and returns his kisses. Taking off Bradley's tee shirt Marion drops to his knees and opens and pulls down the jeans. That releases Bradely's big cock which Marion is quick to start sucking. They both moan as Marions hot lips work on the big, hard, cock. Marion sucks on the big balls too. Then he stands up and kisses Bradley again. He returns to sucking on the cock, taking it deep into his throat. Marion gets naked too, his cock nice and hard, as he keeps sucking on the big dick. He stands up again and kisses Bradley some more before pushing him back on the table and pulling his legs in the air. With Bradley's hot and hairy hole exposed Marion's tongue finds a welcoming home. He laps at the hole as Bradley moans loudly. Then he also has a little spank of the ass. Spitting on the hole Marion then slips a finger in. His finger fucks the tight hole as he sucks on the cock some more. With the hole loosened up Marion's dick slides in and starts to fuck. He pounds the hole as deep as he can, Bradley taking it so well. Bradley is loving the feeling as he grabs his own dick and starts to wank it. Marion keeps fucking that tight ass as Bradley shoots his cum all over himself. Having dumped his hot load Bradley turns and bends over for Marion to fuck him from behind. That hairy hole is spread wide as Marion's dick slams in and out as hard as it can. As the fucking speeds up Marion pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over Bradley's ass. Having fucked his friend so hard Marion turns him around and kisses him one final time.
Size - 548MB
Time - 18.45min

WH Full Contact
Bradley Cook is at work and calls Tom Vojak on the phone, inviting him over to discuss their project. Tom arrives and they discuss issues with the project and Bradley asks to see some details. Tom joins him on his side of the desk to show him, and then Bradley closes his computer and turns his attention to Tom. They begin to kiss and quickly get into it as Tom removes Bradleys tee shirt and kisses his chest. he kneels and kisses the chest and down to a huge bulge in Bradley's jeans. Tom opens the jeans and pulls them down to release the huge cock that is already hard. He takes the dick in his mouth and sucks on it as Bradley's hand guides the head as it bobs on his cock. Tom sucks and wanks the cock and kisses Bradley's chest making him moan. Having enjoyed the big cock Tom then turns Bradley over and rims his hot, hairy,hole. He spanks on the sexy ass to as he rims that tight hole. Then Tom has his own big cock out, wanking it a little. He takes his belt and slaps it against the sexy ass as he wanks. He pushes the big cock up against Bradley's tight hole, and slips it deep inside. Bradley moans loudly as Tom fucks his hot ass and spanks him too. His big cock really stretches that sexy ass as it fucks deep and hard. Bradley moves to lay on a footstool, legs in the air, so that Tom can fuck him missionary style. He grabs his cock and wanks it hard as Tom keeps up his deep fucking. With Bradley wanking as he gets fucked hard he soon shoots his hot cum with Tom's dick deep in his ass. Tom continues to fuck hard and fast, until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and shoots his cream over Bradley's balls.
Size - 609MB
Time - 20.49min
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