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Fantasies do come true in this vintage Jaguar gay porn film! Many of us would kill to be Ted, for all of Ted's sexual desires come to life through vivid erotic dreams. Whatever Ted imagines, whether it's sex with a beautiful blond boy, brothers, circus acrobats, leathermen, aliens; making love by a fire; being in Shakespearean times; playing sexy cowboys and Indians; or having a bathhouse orgy with lots of men, Ted will do it all!

This is the story of Ted, "a dreamer," whose secret desires come to life as he encounters a variety of men and escapes into elaborate sexual fantasies. As Ted's mind submits to the burning urges within him, the men he meets star in his daydreams, which are full of strange visuals, stylized lighting, and non-stop action. In the first scenario, Ted encounters an acrobat, who shows off his muscles and the tricks he can perform on a swing. We see what's taking place in Ted's mind, as he imagines the acrobat performing tricks in the nude.

Fantasy-Ted also performes somersaults and handstands, then the acrobat gives him a blow job and jerks off, all while the two young men balance on the swing.

Next, we are shown an imagined scenario of what could be taking place inside a house. A man spots a want ad seeking a "Tudor-Companion." He responds to the ad in person, and is greeted at the house by a redheaded younger man (Ted Lee from Greek Lightning) and an older man, said to be brothers. In a montage, he tudors the younger brother and keeps him company. When the older brother goes out of town for work, the younger brother strips down and seduces the tudor by greasing him up and giving him a back rub. They fool around on the back patio, then move inside to the bedroom, where they sixty-nine and jerk each other off.

The older brother returns home and the three men dine together. That night, the older brother and the tutor stay up late. They fuck in front of the fireplace. The younger brother wakes up and sees them, then joins in the action. Next, in perhaps the strangest scenario, Ted walks by a planetarium and meets a paranoid fellow who tries to convince him that Martians are going to invade Earth. This leads Ted into a fantasy sequence where he's first chased around in a blue fog by a Martian, then approached by the man from the planetarium, now nude. They circle one another, then the paranoid man bends Ted over and fucks him.

Ted continues his walk and comes across a Shakespeare play in mid-performance in an outdoor theater. Nearby, a costumed man waits on a rock wall. He leaps down and exclaims to Ted in praise of Shakespeare's works and era. As he continues his rant, Ted imagines the man dancing in a tunic and crown and carressing a statue of David. Ted appears, similarly posed. The Shakespearean man dresses Ted up in a cape, then crawls underneath it and gives him a thorough rim job.

In the next scenario, we go into a fantasy sequence inspired by bathhouse ads in a newspaper. We see an assortment of men fooling around in a shower, fucking in a dark room, giving a blow job through a glory hole, and participating in an eight-man orgy. Back to Ted, who is walking down an alley and comes across an aggressive man in a leather jacket. Ted fantasizes about this man chasing him around a red-lit room on a motorcycle. He is eventually caught and blows the leatherman.

We then go into a fantasy-within-a-fantasy scene, as we're shown the mental movie playing inside the leatherman's head as Ted sucks him off. It's of two men watching each other in a public bathroom through a glory hole. They take turns blowing each other through the glory hole, then fuck on the bathroom floor.

Ted's last stop is outside of a movie theater. A cowboy accidentally runs into him and knocks him over. They get to talking about Western movies and Ted imagines himself as an Indian. The cowboy sneaks up on him, tears his chaps off, and pounces and the two men get into a fight, wrestling until Ted knocks the cowboy unconscious and has his way with him.

This leads us into the final scene, in which all of the men Ted has met throughout his day (the acrobat, the paranoid man, the Shakespearean man, the leatherman, the cowboy) gang up on Ted, lay him down on the floor, and jerk off in a circle around him. The men simultaneously come all over Ted's face body.

Movie's source material contained some noticeable deterioration which clears up around the mid-point. Extensive restoration has been done to correct for this problem as much as possible.

Year: 1972
Cast: Garth Lennox, Larry Hannify, Bob Weaver, Clark King, Ted Lee, Marty Oliver
Length: 89 minutes
Studio: Jaguar
Director: Brad Kingston
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