Aaron's Adventures in Russia 2 (contains a VERY HOT scene with a Russian marine)

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DescriptionAaron and Anton

Anton is a young... hustler? Not sure if he does that regularly, although he'd certainly consider any offer given to him. He's also one of the horniest boys in St. Petersburg, and managed do two scenes for me after spending the previous night having sex with our guide. Busy boy!
Because the scene was filmed in the morning, Anton was feeling a bit lazy. So he lounged in the chair while I serviced him. Eventually he livened up and we started getting creative. He sucked me while I relaxed, then we 69'ed in the world's most uncomfortable chair, and then I started fucking him in several good positions. We really got into it, and he shot a nice load at the end. Fun!

Aaron, Anton, and Alexi #2

When I met Alexi #2 I knew I was in love. Or at least lust. I find him to be extremely beautiful, and knew I wanted to spend lots of time with him. I'm not certain what he thought of me, but certainly he thrived the attention. The three-way scene with Anton was going to have me as a top, Anton as a bottom, and Alexi being versatile. Very quickly though it came out that Alexi loved getting fucked as much as Anton did, and they both wanted me to fuck them. At one point they actually started a friendly argument over who would get fucked by me first. I was amazed!
Fortunately there's enough of my dick to go around. So I got them in a number of creative positions, including one time when they were both on their hands and knees next to each other. I'd fuck one, fuck the other, then fuck the first again. Fun fun fun! It was a top's dream, and I had an absolutely incredible time. The scene ended with me fucking Anton while he came, and Alexi beating off all over my face.

Aaron and Sasha

Sasha was the third boy I filmed that day, and is quite possibly the youngest guy I filmed in Russia (although he doesn't look it). He had turned 18 only a few months before, and was a cadet in a local naval military university. He was also extremely hot, and a lot of fun to play with. What I found fascinating about Sasha was that he was "straight" (he did work for a gay escort agency and have sex with men, after all).
What made the scene with Sasha so unusual was that he was so willing to make out. It didn't threaten him to make out with a guy, the way it would make an American straightboy cringe. And so I kissed him for quite a long time, all the while finding it amusing that I was making out with an almost-completely straight boy. Most of the scene focused around us kissing and me servicing him. We both jacked off at the end - Sasha laying on his back quietly, and myself with Sasha kissing me and playing with my balls. We both shot a pair of fun loads, and relaxed very happily about a job well done. If you're a military sex fan you'll love this scene. I spent several minutes at the beginning interviewing Sasha all about the Russian naval uniform. He looked so hot in that I couldn't resist.
Bonus footage: At the end of the video, I replay the footage of Sasha beating off but without the edits to better show off his beauty. (I had edited it initially to keep better pace with the scene)

Aaron, Alexi #2, and Dima #2

Whereas Sasha was "straight," Dima #2 was "gay". Meaning he was gay but hadn't quite acknowledged it yet. He was completely comfortable having sex with guys, and asked whether he liked sucking dick he didn't need a translation before he answered "yes." So I paired together Dima #2 with Alexi #2, whom I really wanted to see (and feel!) more of. Not wanting to be left out of the action, I played with them both in a scene that made for great fun.
The scene itself really is in two halves. In the first, the three of us play together until Dima blows his load, gets dressed, and then heads back to the base for muster. Alexi and I continue to play after that in a more traditional twosome, and wind up blowing great loads all over each other. Truly a wonderful way to finish up my time in St. Petersburg before I adventure on to Moscow.
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