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Daniel - Plumber:

Men who work hard all day and like to fuck all night turn me on. This is tattooed Daniel’s life. He’s a man who knows how to get the job done. Now that he wants to make a porn film he’s applying the same ‘nose to the grindstone’ attitude. He’ll be fucked by a woman with a strap-on or suck a man’s dick. His sex drive is high and if someone is prepared to pay him dough to empty his balls, he’ll drop his clothes and do whatever I tell him to. Not a bad attitude to have in order to make it far.

Unlike most guys I interview, Daniel is quick to answer he will enthusiastically receive a finger or dildo up his arse. Somewhere along the way this manual labourer received anal stimulation and it made his dick very hard. Now he’s looking to recreate that experience and make it even more intense. Although he’s timid about anything big going up his rear, I bet he’ll be seeking out larger challenges in the near future.

Daniel has never been naked on camera before and I could tell he was a little timid at first with the lens constantly directed at him. But after getting him to pose in a few positions he mellowed out and I could feel how excited he was growing at so shamelessly flaunting his body for a stranger and knowing it might be viewed by anyone in the world. His naturally big floppy cock looks ready to spring up at any second.

Feeling horny from posing his naked body in every position, Daniel is ready and willing to wank for the camera. His balls bounce frantically as he jerks his cock hard. I like getting him to prop his legs up so I can get a look at that hungry hole of his while his dick is still dripping with cum.

Evan - Computer Engineer:

From the moment I met Evan there was a weird tension in the room. I'm used to guys acting nervy because they've never done anything like this before and they don't know what's going to happen. But with Evan there was something extra. Only after we started talking did I sniff out what he was really after. Unlike most guys he isn't hankering for sex with gorgeous chicks, fame or fortune. He wants his first taste of cock! And I, being such a generous soul, help by giving him what his mouth is watering for.

This lad has it hard. His entire life he's been aching to taste a cock, but he's never been able to break that psychological barrier and do something interpreted as "gay". He's decided to approach it from a different angle. If he does it as part of a job then it feels safer and doesn't mean that he has to admit to being anything except 100% straight. Note who is edging the questions here into filming man on man activity.

If you ever needed proof that Evan is really a lazy straight dude, take a look at his ass. He doesn't even realise that he's got a rash. Someone needs to whip this dirty boy into shape. But watch how, like a typical arrogant bloke, he doesn't even feel ashamed about it - like he's the centre of the universe who no one has the right to judge. These type of men come to porn as if it doesn't matter what their bodies are like. They think we're only interested in the cock.

I was impressed with how casual Evan was when he asked if he could suck me off. This is the truth out at last. It's the only reason he agreed to do an audition at all - to taste what it's like to suck a cock. As you can see he's completely crap at it. And there was no way I was going to let him do it off film. He has a lot to learn. But I didn't have the heart to tell him the truth when he asked so hopefully at the end if he gave a good blowjob. I'm sure this won't be his last taste of man meat.

Frik - Labourer:

For the first 21 years of his life this lad has been treating South Africa as his sexual playground. Now he’s moved to London, he wants to make his dirty sexual escapades into a profession. He’s fresh off the boat and doesn’t know much about living here except how expensive it is! I, of course, want to make him feel right at home and encourage him to be as dirty as possible so he can get the necessary cash to survive in the big city (and help me get off along the way).

I decided not to fight with him too much about doing man on man action. I was more interested in hearing about his raunchy stories – of which he seems to have many. Somehow I doubt he’ll be bragging to anyone about what I’ve pushed him into doing by the end of the day.

What turns me on so much about a guy like Frik isn’t so much that he is young and hot. The main thing for me is that he’s absolutely real. He’s not a buffed up porn star shyly pretending this is his first time. He’s a genuine blue collar guy who lives to screw women, but has somehow found himself trapped in my audition room where I can get him to show me everything the way I want it!

I hadn’t ejaculated for two days when doing this audition. That’s a painfully long time for me. Watching this hot dude get an erection, I got overexcited and asked him to show me his asshole while also displaying his dick. His fucking massive fountain of cum spraying out towards me sent me right over the roof.

Lucas - Customer Services:

Some men really get off from performing on camera and Lucas is definitely one of them. Instead of rushing through the wank test like most men, notice how he takes his time playfully stroking his hard on and even stopping to have a little taste. This hairy boy is a dirty slut who can’t get enough.

Lucas’ limitations and fairly conservative attitude beg for him to be placed in videos where boundaries will be broken down and he finds himself subjected to things he never even thought of.

It made a nice change to audition a guy who doesn’t mind showing his asshole. So I was able to spend longer than normal watching him pull his cheeks apart and studying the folds of his hole. I bet he was really hoping I’d reach up and slide my finger in to test him out.

I really ought to have made him kneel down and lick his spunk off the floor after he ejaculated since he loves the taste of the stuff. That’ll be next time after I make him suck a big fat black cock.

Luiz - Barman:

Some people like Luiz have a really casual attitude towards nudity and sex, but the suspicious thing is that when questioned he says he's never been naked on camera before. If he is that relaxed about it, you would think it would have happened at some point. Here he gets to feel what it's really like to have a camera examining every inch of his body now that it's not only some safe hypothetical idea anymore.

It always interests me when guys think that their heterosexuality is so apparent, they just assume you'll know they won't do anything gay. When people like Luiz respond confidently that he can do anything in porn I am tempted to simply say, "Alright. Bend over and let me fuck you while I video it."

The clothes come off and Luiz remains really confident and sure of himself - until I ask him to get up on the table that is. Some mental block is preventing him from physically pulling his ass cheeks apart. But luckily I'm here to give him a helping hand.

Listen to how Luiz acts once he's finished wanking off. It's like he can't believe what he's just done. Too late to change his mind now. It's going to be on tape forever.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

Videos included in this torrent are as follows:

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Frik - Interview.wmv:  29.78 MB
Frik - Physical.wmv:  27.87 MB
Frik - Wank.wmv:  25.41 MB

Lucas - Interview.wmv:  23.05 MB
Lucas - Physical.wmv:  27.92 MB
Lucas - Wank.wmv:  28.58 MB

Luiz - Interview.wmv:  25.58 MB
Luiz - Physical.wmv:  25.51 MB
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