♺ Triumvirate - Soccer Camp #2

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As other soccer camp 2 torrent but has better video and sound quality.

(Some of the extra pictures the system has added are from soccer camp 1, not 2)

As the title Soccer Camp 2 implies, this twinkfest is set at soccer camp, where the boys get more action off the field than they do on. The action ranges from early-morning threeways and shower-room foursomes to dorm-room orgies featuring pube-shaving and cum-eating. The models are all smooth and hairless, with puppydog bedroom eyes and pouty mouths that are perfect for cocksucking-which most of them do quite well. In fact, it's a bit surprising how piggy some of these boys are at such a young age. Fuck trains in the shower? Check. Spankings with a cane? Check. The emphasis is primarily on threesomes and group action, though the movie ends with two pairings featuring long-haired prettyboy Ray Renfro. In the first, his romantic duo with brunet bottom Tommie DeLuca soon turns nasty when Renfro becomes a power top, while in the second, Renfro flips to play bottom for superjock Steve Sanders. Not too bad for a bunch of younguns. The sex is decent, and the models seem really into it. Fans of cherubic adult teens and twentysomethings will be sure to find this one sports-themed movie that makes its goal. Cast: Steve Sanders, Ray Renfro, Tommy DeLuca, Dujan Sin, Robert Driveman, Leev Lale, Jude Lowe, Peter Sangaut, Miky Sem, Bryan Armano, Sebastian Dunken, Samuel Crecry, Sonny Silver, Rudy Hass, Eric Weber, Samuel Dolce, Dinar Right.

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