♺ Stud Mall - Bangin' Zack Raw (avi)

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Original upload: 2008-06-16 |


Scene 1
Hottie boy JC returns for his second video appearance and this time he's paired with newcomer Zack, a lean and slender bottom-boy
with an insatiable appetite for cock. It's not hard to see that JC and Zack are really into each other and start us off with some mutual
oral action, but it's not long before both boys have each other stripped and are really going at it. JC's ready to get at Zack's ass and
after some rimming action JC mounts Zack bareback and starts pounding him good, so good that Zack's moans of ecstasy cannot be missed.
Then it's Zack's turn to get himself a piece of ass and he mounts JC bareback and gives him a good pounding. But JC wants more of Zack's
hot ass so he mounts him again and this time it pushes Zack to the limit and not being able to hold back any longer Zack delivers a very v
erbal and twitchy orgasm as he shoots his load and JC laps up every drop! JC knows Zack is hungry for cum so he returns the favor and feeds
his load to him, shooting several huge spurts of fresh jizz right in Zacks face, in his mouth, in his eye and even shoots a couple spurts right
over Zack's shoulder!

Scene 2
Next up, our power-bottom Zack returns and he's paired with newcomer Derrick Hanson, a tall, lean, dark-haired
tattooed top boy. The scene stats off with some mutual oral action on the bathroom sink and after both boys have had a taste of each
other's cock Derrick mounts Zack right on the bathroom sink, which makes for an interesting camera angle as all the action is filmed in
the mirror! Derrick gives Zack a good pounding on the sink and the action moves to the couch where Derrick really pounds Zack good and
Zack's moans repeated requests to ''Fuck me!'' confirm it. Derrick pounds Zack in several different positions including ''cowboy style''
where Zack sits in Derrick's lap and rides him, which causes him to shoot his load all over Derrick's washboard abs but Zack happily licks
em clean right before Derrick stands up and delivers his load right into Zack's hungry mouth! A definite must see!

Scene 3
Once again our
power-bottom Zack returns and this time he takes on newcomer Ashton, a tall, lean, tattooed ''bad boy'' type with a thick 9-incher. Zack
wanted to get pounded really good but soon finds out that Ashton may be more than even this power-bottom can handle. Zack starts out by working
Ashton's cock with his hungry mouth, getting good and primed for action. It's easy to see that Ashton is enjoying the oral service Zack is
providing but he's ready for more than just a blowjob and he stands up, grabs Zack by the back of the head, literally pushes the boy down on
all fours and mounts him bareback. Ashton goes easy on Zack at first but it's not long before he's pounding the boy hard and fast and furious;
so hard in fact we were almost inclined to stop filming but Zack indicated he wanted more and that's exactly what Ashton gives him! Ashton pounds Zack
in several different positions, the whole time prompting the boy to moan in ecstasy. Ashton keeps on pounding harder and harder until he finally
explodes into Zack's hungry mouth! This is the hardest and most intense scene we've filmed to date. You definitely won't want to miss this one!

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