What the Big Boys Eat [Vivid Man]

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From 1985 -- I transferred this from VHS to DVD

Cast:  Blake McDonald, Chad James, Dewey, Guy Tait, J.D. Slater, Jesse Koehler, Judd, Kip Astor,  Michael Christopher, Neal Shaw, Paul Barresi, Rich Parsons, Scott Avery, Vincent Thomas

Description (promotional material): "What the Big Boys Eat" - invites you to a behind-the-scenes peek at an imaginary T.V. commercial. It is not selling sleek sports cars, diet sodas or designer jeans. This commercial serves up a fantasy world of hot and handsome guys - all hungry for each other.


1. Paul Barresi solo, J.D. Slater, Judd
    Paul Barresi spies on J.D. Slater and Judd thru a peep hole.

2. Vincent Thomas Ogr, Guy Tait Ogr
    Dr. Tait examines sports player Vincent and goes too far.

3. Scott Avery, Jesse Koehler, Blake McDonald, Kip Astor
    Construction site sex.

4. Neal Shaw
    on the 'beach' with another 'actor' and the 'cameraman'.

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