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CockyBoys - Lil' Skyler's Giant Dick
December 4, 2012

Skyler is not your usual CockyBoy. He's got a "nerdy" charm to him. We all know the type -- he's that shy, cute guy with intense blue eyes who keeps to himself unless you initiate the conversation. And then once he opens up to you, you're in for quite a few surprises.

The first thing we found out about Skyler is that he has a huge dick. In fact, it's so huge that he has to warn all of his boyfriends beforehand so they're not shocked when they see it for the first time. One of his boyfriends was so amazed at his cock size that he had to go get a ruler and measure it himself (in case you're wondering, it's about 9.5")! Another guy demanded to see it when Skyler told him about it, and he was straight! When we finally saw how big his cock was, we though how could such a cute, modest guy have a dick the size of a corn cob?!

The next thing we learned about Skyler is that he's a huge Max Ryder fan. At first he started stroking his torpedo dick with his hands, then a Fleshjack, but what really got him off was watching Max getting fucked by Dillon Rossi on CockyBoys! We really think Skyler is a good fit for us, we just hope whoever's ass he conquers next (looking at you, Max) has what it takes to fit him!

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