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[BGEast] Undagear 11 - Justin Pierce vs Troy Baker

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionOur Two Most Beautiful Hunks Get Ugly!

It had to happen: Justin vs Troy - two of the absolute hottest hunks in BGE history - in no-holds-barred competition. We've never seen either muscleboy this intense! Justin gains the advantage, driving his knee into Troy's brawny back as he cranks up on his chin, forcing a first submission. Troy won't admit even temporary defeat: "Got something caught in my throat," (his pride?), leading to a water break that turns into a seductive pose-off when he empties the bottle over his chest, making his lickable pecs and impossibly chiseled abs pop. Troy comes back in fall two, but when he forces Justin to submit again and again and again before finally releasing his trademark headscissors, things get nasty! A reverse full nelson and Justin deliberately smears Troy's perfect chest into the mats, and a UFC-style choke has Troy gagging. A crotch-ripping spladle and another long-held headscissors keep Troy in the fight. One of the prettyboys snaps: "I'm going to make you REALLY hurt!" he rants as the other spasms in yet another unbreakable submission hold. Victory is total - a knock out, the winner arrogantly splashing the loser away with a face-full of water so he can watch him exit. Extreme!

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