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Bodybuilding is a profession, or at least a vocation for many.

Contests and "modeling" provide the income for the bodybuilder who hasn't
got a day job.  All of the muscle you see here was built by guys who have
done work for the erotic side of the muscle industry at sites like Muscle
Gallery and Muscle Worship. Not that I am including anything from those
sites. You will only find the hardcore muscle from USAM in this posting.

This is part two of two.

Part one has thirteen HD clips at 1280x720 and three SD at 640x480.

And think back to where else you have seen these guys.
Somewhere hot.
Somewhere erotic.
Somewhere more than a contest.


Adam Reich aka A-Bomb Pumproom.mp4
Chris Bennett Backstage Posing SD.mp4
Chris Jalali Backstage Posing.mp4
Craig Golias Backstage Posing.mp4
Daryl Gee Backstage Posing.mp4
Fehd Karouani Backstage Posing.mp4
Lionel Brown Onstage Posing.mp4
Mark Alvisi Pumproom and Backstage Posing.mp4
Mark Dugdale Onstage Backstage Posing and Pumproom.mp4
Rob Kreider Backstage Posing.mp4
Ruben Escobar Backstage Posing.mp4
Scott Peters aka Pete Kuzak Backstage Posing SD.mp4
Sean Allan Backstage Posing SD.mp4
Sean Allan Pumproom.mp4
Stephen Frazier aka Alex Armstrong Pumproom and  Backstage Posing.mp4
Tim Liggins Backstage Posing.mp4

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