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Demolition 11 Cole Cassidy vs Jobe Zander

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DescriptionJobe Zander has had a lot of success on the indy circuit—even holding a title belt or two—and that success has obviously gone to his head, or at the very least prompted a rather intemperate entrance into the slightly rarefied wrestling world known as BG East! When he agreed to join the BGE fraternity, after a private audition with Kid Leopard in Florida, his barely concealed contempt for the BGE stable of wrestlers he was joining became overt. Perhaps KL sensed this and knew it would make some crackling fireworks. “None of your guys can stay in the ring with me,” he sneered, taking off his shirt and flexing in his perfectly fitting, custom-made, sheer and shiny, translucent-when-wet, "Z" emblazoned trunks. “Nobody can compete with this!”, quothe Z. So, who better to pair him off against than our Cole Cassidy, one of the meanest and most fearlessly brutal wrestlers to ever step in the BG ring? To give him his due, Jobe is a total package—muscled and handsome, and with a pouch even Mr. Joshua would envy! When he arrives at the ring wearing his glittery cape and carrying a portable folding chair so he can perch and admire himself in the mirror the arrogance and outright chutzpah is something quite astounding to behold. His contempt for BGEast is even more apparent when he notices that Jonny the Janitor left his cleaning supplies behind in the ring. Enter Cole Cassidy—“what is this shit?” he demands…only to be dismissed by Jobe, who thinks Cole is the janitor and orders him to tidy up! BIG mistake, as Jobe is about to find out - the hard way. Cole’s motto has always been, “whatever it takes, bro, and heaven help you if you aren’t ready.” And when he’s had enough of Jobe’s attitude and posturing and preening and pumping up his precious package, Cole decides it's time to show "Jobe The Jobber" what BGEast is all about. When it comes to beating someone down without pity, Cole is a maestro. Creative use of the pushbroom catches Jobe off-guard and right in his 'centerpiece', and Cole takes full advantage of this opportunity to give the arrogant newcomer an initiation into the tough world of BGEast wrestling—a world without a referee - or a janitor -to try to keep it clean! A big, bold, body-slamming, ball-bashing, 47 minute bodacious beating. Welcome to BG East, Job, er, Jobe! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!
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