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Romeo Storm + Spyder Man
Romeo Storm back once again to impress yall with his dick skills. Spyder Man is in heaven fa sho, ya gotta check out how much he loves that dick. It's fuckin intense for sure. These two together are just straight up dynamite, fuckin non stop and cummin all over the place. Goddamn, this shit is so hot, you gon be nuttin in no time!

DeAngelo Jackson + Drama Rated
DeAngelo tryina hook up with Drama, so he calls that foo up and Drama is all like hell yea bro let's party and bullshit cuz that's how we do. After a drink these two get right to it with Drama worshippin that dick with his purdy lil lips. Once DeAngelo is hard he means business, he swirls his tongue around Drama's hole to make sure he's good to go and bam he slams that monster right in there. Drama is a lil reluctant at first, but DeAngelo knows how to loosen a brotha up. These two fuck like crazy and ain't stoppin any time soon. Check this shit out!

Drama Rated + Romeo Storm
Romeo Storm getting woke the fuck up by his alarm clock, realizin he's already late for work, but Drama is very convincing in keepin Romeo in bed for a quick morning fuck session. "Shit, Im late for work", "No you're not", and bam, Drama goes straight down on that pipe suckin that meat til it's ready to fuck that tight lil ass. The fuckin is nuts in this, just non stop action and the nut is unreal, Romeo just pulls out and busts all over Drama's cakes rubbin that shit in with his still hard dick til that entire ass is all creamed up. Fuckin yum!

Shit we got a lil somethin right here that you don't very often on Raw Rods. We caught ourselves a hot lil Miami Papi, bringin some of that Latin flava with his big ass pinga. This boy knows how to fuck a brotha down raw and Isaiah has just the right amount of dick appetite for this sexy chulo. This a fuckin hot one fa sho!

Yo sorry it's been a minute here with some new hot and fresh Raw Rods type a shit, but we back with a vengeance bringin yall the one and only DeAngelo Jackson in another condom free nut buster. You seen him before so you kno this brotha can slay some ass and new comer Isaiah Foxx is already a pro dick taker. These two freaks get it on and be sure to catch that monster nut, that shit's just sprayin all over the damn room, it's like a cum explosion in there!

I interviewed Kemancheo for the first time to give you all a little insight on him. I have gotten a few emails from some of you wanting to know more about him and what he likes. Then I spoke with Reeci who hit me up and wanted to get into a little freak session with Kemancheo. While we were talking Kemancheo made his way over and decided to get him some head. Well I didn't want to hold them back. Lots ass eating going on by Kemancheo and Reeci is definitely loving it. After some good old fashion foreplay. Thas right, time to get in deep and that's exactly what Kemancheo did. There were even times when Reeci was trying to run. This seen ended with a messy facial from Kemancheo.

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