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Duane Dickson comes to the office today for a new patient examination. His family tree has had issues with high blood pressure and this condition will bear monitoring for Duane¡¦s overall well being. He regularly stays fit by taking part in recreational soccer games with his friends which is a sport that carried over from his youth.

Duane is a very sexual being. In addition to playing the field quite a bit, with 8 different ladies gracing his bed over the last 6 month period, he still masturbates at least twice or more each day. Also unusual for a 23 year old, he still has regular wet dreams, as many as 2 -3 times a week; the most recent one was last night !

To begin today¡¦s examination, I have him strip down to his boxers. With his family history of high blood pressure, I was curious to see how Duane faired in this area. His was also abnormally high for such a athletically toned body. While not to alarm him, I right away suggested that he should return for further testing.

After his blood pressure, I used my stethoscope to check his lungs and heart. Duane admitted to casual cigarette usage (less than a pack every 2 weeks) and alcohol consumption to limited to social drinking on the weekends. As my stethoscope traveled into the abdominal quadrant, I happened to glance at the front of his boxers. The red fabric clearly outlined the shape of his growing manhood; which looked to be pretty substantial. Moving closer, I felt the heat emanating from his loins so with my free hand, I peeled back the waistband of his boxers and ventured lower.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Duane kept his pubic region natural, trimmed but a substantial amount of hair growth remained. His penis was trapped beneath the waistband so as I freed it from its confinement, it sprang up. Very much in a state of semi-arousal. I suggested to Duane to remove his boxers and I assisted with their removal. With his boxers gone, nothing held his penis back and it pointed to the heavens, fully aroused now. I took a moment to record his measurement ¡V a solid 8 inch in length with an impressive 6 inch circumference. Palpating his erection, I was surprised to find that Duane was already secreting pre-seminal fluid as a clear drop appeared at the tip of his penis. Standing him upright, the genital exam continued and now his penis was becoming extremely rigid. While he stood there, I took a moment to explain the proper method to perform the monthly self-examination of his scrotum. A series of weak coughs later, I turned him around and then coached him into the proper kneeling position on the table for what was to follow.

Like so many straight males before him, Duane had neglected to trim the crevice between his buttocks. Here there was a dark coarse mat of hair growth and I had to work at clearing a path to his anus to take a rectal temperature. It was at this point, that a slight bit of apprehension began. While he did not object, it was a bit more difficult to push the thermometer into his anus to take his temperature.

Likewise, his first prostate exam required even more deliberate effort on my part as I continued to slowly push a lubricated finger inside of Duane. I was successful in gaining admittance which cause his erection to diminish with the discomfort he was feeling. Checking his penis, I was delighted to find a long silky thread of pre-seminal fluid dripping from his urethra. However, even with a complete loss of his erection, his penis continued to drip seminal fluid.

Turning him around and with his arms folded behind his neck, I used a cotton tipped applicator to secure a sample of the seminal fluids that Duane had secreted. Even though there was ample natural lubrication, Duane still grimaced as the device was inserted into his urethra. A sample of another sort was asked for next and Duane took to this task enthusiastically. He was fully erect moments later and allowed me to take an accurate measurement of his penis just prior to his ejaculation into the collection dish.
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