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DescriptionI take it from the user name what we have here is a gamer demonstrating correct joystick technique.  I'm not one to judge (do I sound sincere enough to pull that off) but when your money shot comes (see what I did there) before the half way point I have to wonder what the rest of your "show" is going to be about.  Right, I guess I could cut that right out but may be there will be something of interest to you, the inquisitive viewer and what...do I look like an editor?  I can barely manage editing my own thoughts let alone "the internet".  He's a hairy beast, that's fir sure.

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Length: 00:17:36
Resolution: 640 x 480
Aspect ratio: 1.3333
Format: H264
Bitrate: 367 kbps
Frames per second: 30.000
Selected codec: ffh264
Added2016-06-07 05:19:56
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