Lovers and Friends (1985) Bijou Celsius DVD

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DVD (folder) and mp4

director Ron Pearson, Steve Scott

Brad Mason
Cole Taylor
Eric Ryan
Eric Stryker
Joel Curry
Pierce Daniels
Ron Pearson
Scott O'Hara

Two lovers Ron Pearson and Joel Curry, spend an enjoyable afternoon at a gym getting it on with various members and employees. The movie opens with a well-shot solo session by Curry. Convincing his lover that he needs a bit more sleep, he continues to beat off while the lover stands in the hallway and watches — playing with his own bone.

1. Joel Curry solo

2. Ron Pearson solo

3. Eric Ryan, Cole Taylor

4. Scott O'Hara, Joel Curry

5. Brad Mason, Eric Stryker, Ron Pearson

6. Pierce Daniels, Joel Curry, Cole Taylor
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