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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-01-10 |
Steel Mill Media - Training Play

Starring:  Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable

See how porn legend Derek da Silva treats his boys! The boy in question is the very sexy Cullen Cable, who spends most of his time in a dog cage--where he belongs. Sir comes home and boy shows what a good cocksucker he can be!
Cullen Cable is taken out of the cage after biting his master, and invited to sit in a chair. Slowly, Derek da Silva layers rope upon rope in beautiful Shibari in preparation for the boy's punishment...
After messing around with boy Cullen for a bit, Derek da Silva finally gets to what the boy has been dreading: the cutting of his adorable mohawk! Buzz buzz--and its gone, and the boy feels even more naked and vulnerable than before.
Clothespins--good for a multitude of uses. Especially when they are attached to a string. Watch at Derek da Silva slowly and carefully places each one to maximum effect. Cullen Cable definitely isn't having a good time...
...and the clothespins are torn off, eliciting a long scream from boy Cullen Cable! To keep boy occupied during the intricate placement of the clothespins, Derek da Silva slathers on a bunch of Icy Hot on the boy's balls. OUCH.
Never has pain been so swift and beautiful! Derek da Silva employs Forentine flogging--a fluffy of blows that never seem to let up. The rhythm of pain finally gets to boy Cullen Cable, and he cries out for respite. None comes.
Our series concludes with Cullen going down on Master Derek da Silva--doing what he does best! Derek takes full advantage of his boy until he cannot help but explode all over the boy's face.

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