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Description"Deep Inside" a masterfully masculine collection of hard-bodied manhood, with libido's to match. No orifice is safe from attack by these testosterone charged grade "A" chiseled specimens of masculinity.
Stuck inside their own particular corner of white-collar hell, the guys working at Ireland, Ltd. are yearning to toss off the 9-to-5 routine. I feel their pain. It's also nice to know that I'm not the only one cruising the Internet when I should be crunching the numbers.
Scott Swann, a tall, in-shape hottie with understated good looks, fights office fatigue while working some Sunday overtime. He's tossing instant-messages back and forth with not one, but two eager guys -- Blu Kennedy (a personal fave of mine) and one very pumped up Francesco Giovanelli. Scott makes cruising look absolutely effortless, slyly inviting the pair over for an impromptu fuck in the executive suite. With a starched shirt and dignified tie lending him an air of authority, Scott demands a show, something Blu and Francesco aren't the least bit shy about doing. As it's released from his fly, I'll admit that I'll never get tired of Blu's gorgeous throbber, mouthwatering and hefty, bluish veins coursing underneath milk-white skin. Francesco certainly seems to enjoy it, but he enjoys being an exhibitionist even more, encouraged when Scott starts stroking himself. Scott can't help himself and squats down for a taste of Blu, dragging his tongue along the underside of his cock.
The pair hops up on a pair of office chairs with their assholes deliciously exposed. Francesco's dark-skinned rear is appealing, but for my money, Blu's shockingly pale tail, studded with a perfect pink rosebud, is the real crowd pleaser. If Scott's happy face is any indication, he's perfectly content to feast between Blu's buttcheeks until start of next day's business. We get our best glimpses of Scott's lovely body while he's fucking Blu. Francesco keeps himself busy blowing his buddy while his ass is being serviced. Then switching it up, the director gives Blu a chance to show off his versatility, having him plow Francesco on the desk.
During the workday, tanned cutie Jay Ross keeps Latin superstud Ricky Martinez securely under his executive thumb. But off the clock, it's a completely different story. At the same time Scott Swann is using his office as his personal playroom, Ricky and Jay are shifting the power dynamic down at the local leather loft. With their business suits dropped off at the drycleaners for the coming work week, these guys dude up in full leather gear, including a fitted doggy collar for Jay. During their foreplay, Ricky makes it abundantly clear that in this scenario, he's the man in charge. He disregards Jay's whimpers and groans, and moves in aggressively. The camera pans south, giving Jay (and everyone else) the first glimpses of Ricky's leather jockstrap. The smooth pouch bulges grotesquely, and it's several long minutes before its contents are fully revealed. Ricky is blessed with a beauty of a cock, uncut, majestic ... and ready for servicing. This tattooed papi's got foreskin to spare, so much that he's able to "dock" Jay's nose almost entirely. It's also long enough that Ricky can self-suck while Jay rims his hole. Ricky is a brutal top, rapidly fucking Jay and punctuating each thrust (easily two in-and-outs per second) with a primal, "Ooh, ooh, ooh!"
To make ends meet during his office internship, tall and bald Scott Tyler moonlights as a bartender. Scott's best asset is his exceptionally long and sculpted torso, his pumped-up pecs capped by quarter-sized nipples. Between workaday office politics and obnoxious bar patrons, there's only so much bullshit he's willing to take. And when Matt Cole derisively tips the scales, Scott muscles him against the bar, subduing him with sex. The first thing Matt comes in contact with are those perfect nips. He moves into some sensual pit worship before getting his cock sucked by work-weary Scott. Matt is another beauty, pound for pound as muscular and appealing as his new fuck bud. They swap rimjobs, using a pool table for support. Matt throws out dirty-talk with drunk fratboy style, the breathy tones of his voice excitedly urging Scott to ride his cock are the stuff wet dreams are made of. Matt's swagger is all the calling card this jock needs to score, and he definitely can add me to his fan base. He brings himself off on Scott's head, a cue ball shaved down to bare skin.
Anyone slaving the 9-to-5 knows that 4:30 is an agonizing time of day, especially when work is essentially sewn up, but an entire thirty minutes stands between you and your freedom. In the finale, Danny Arnaz and Zachary Pierce model how to make those last 30 minutes fly. There's a sensual contrast between Zachary's scruff and Danny's smooth skin. These worker bees have attractive faces, and watching them kiss and coo before doing the nasty was one of the highlights throughout. Danny plops himself between Zach's legs and slobbers over Zach's crisp white Calvins before downing his dick. Danny's eyes are stunning, shooting his co-worker some intense glances while his lips are working down his pole. Not feeling the need to rush, Danny makes it last, a tender flamenco style guitar meting out an easy pace underneath. Danny's tongue hits all the hot spots: cock, plump balls and sweaty hole. The pace quickens considerably when Danny hops on Zach's cock and bounces up and down. He blows right about the time the figurative factory whistle does. Zach indulges in some slippery cum play, firmly squeezing every last drop from Danny's uncut cock, working the juice into the folds of Danny's foreskin.
Gosh, if this is how these guys behave during your typical workday, I've love to get an invitation to their office Christmas party.
Cast: Blu Kennedy, Danny Arnez, Francesco Giovanelli, Jay Ross, Matt Cole, Ricky Martinez, Scott Swann, Scott Tyler, Zachary Pierce
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