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Caught Smoking a Joint Badmasterboys

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DescriptionIf there¡¯s one person Rocky hates, it¡¯s Mr. Miller. The stupid old fart loves to waltz around like the town sheriff and Rocky has already come the wrong side of him once and now the old bastard catches him smoking something he shouldn¡¯t be. Rocky, Afrim, Ciko and Roman are unanimous: Mr. Miller needs to be paid a visit that evening.
¡°Good evening Mr. Miller, surely we can talk this matter through among ourselves?¡± Rocky is perfectly amiable at first when he arrives on Miller¡¯s doorstep. The stupid old man isn¡¯t having any of it. He remains obstinate, he¡¯s going to tell Rocky¡¯s father.
Unfortunately for Miller, this makes the boys furious and they instantly barge in and overpower him. They are very aggressive and Miller gets injured. Lying on the floor under four angry young men, he holds his arms up in defence, but it is futile. He whimpers on each blow to his body, but the boys just tell him to stay quiet.
It doesn¡¯t take long for Miller to crumble. He swears blind that he won¡¯t tell Rocky¡¯s dad about the weed, but the four youths are long past caring and Miller needs to suffer.
Mr. Miller is told to get on the floor and lick the bottom of their shoes clean. Ciko warns that he better not miss any mud. Miller lies on his back so the boys can conveniently spit on him. They bark commands such as ¡°mouth¡± (which means he must open up to receive their spit) and ¡°tongue¡± (which means lick the bottom of our shoes clean).
The unlucky neighbour is enslaved without mercy. Ciko mounts the man¡¯s back like a horse and beats him with a leather belt. All horses need to eat, so there is some fruit trampled under muddy shoes for Miller to lick up from the floor.
Afrim announces that he is royalty and laughs at the old fool down at his shoes licking any dirt from his shoes. Soon, Miller must massage Ciko¡¯s socked feet and endure the particularly foul stench of Roman and Rocky¡¯s too. Roman then has a sick idea. He demands that Mr Miller begin to chew his toenails.
the guys take great pleasure from hawking up spit from what sounds like their bowels and dumping it into the poor victim¡¯s mouth. Anything which misses the target and drips onto the floor, Miller must lick up anyway to the tune of uncontrollable laughter.
Finally the guys do a little looting of some things they discover in Miller¡¯s house and march out. Job done.
One can¡¯t help but feel sorry for poor old Miller. 28 minutes of brutality.

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