Summer Reunion (1997)

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Descriptiondirector Lawrence David

Brad Devlyn
Brennan Foster
Colby Taylor
Eric Hanson
Joey Hart
Kristian Brooks
Kurt Stefano
Kyle Becker
Sam Crockett
Jordan Young - Non-sexual role

Five years have gone by, but for some guys, like hot'n'hunky Brad Devlyn, some things just can't be forgotten. Can Brad let bygones be bygones? Old hurts have to be addressed and old scores have to be settled. And this summer Reunion is the place to do it!

1. Sam Crockett, Kyle Becker, Brad Devlyn
Kyle and Sam take on Brad’s student body. Brad is down sucking Sam’s fat cock, then Kyle joins in, gobbling Sam’s meat down. Soon Brad is upended and Sam and Kyle take turns fucking him in the ass – an initiation into hearty mansex that Brad will never forget.

2. Colby Taylor, Brennan Foster
Colby and Brennan are in each other’s faces and crotches with eager abandon. They feed on each other’s dicks, and explore the dark recesses of each other’s holes. Then Colby rides his blond friend’s cock until they both shoot geysers of cum.

3. Eric Hanson, Kurt Stefano
Eric and Kurt reacquaint themselves with an intense drill and make-up course of Fucking 101. Their bodies are maps of male perfection that have to be charted and explored. After a period of intense cocksucking, Eric grinds himself into Kurt until both give in and shoot their loads.

4. Brad Devlyn, Kyle Becker, Eric Hanson, Brennan Foster, Joey Hart, Colby Taylor, Kristian Brooks
Finally, Brad Devlyn and Kyle Becker discuss the misdeeds of the past. Kyle apologizes for forcing himself onto Brad back in High School. Kyle suggests they find a way to make up, and the two horny studs are in luck, as Brennan Foster, Colby Taylor, Joey Hart and Kristian Brooks are engaged in a poolside session of speedo stretching and cock-sucking. Colby and Brennan face each other as Joey and Kristian eagerly suck their cocks... the two lusty studs exchange complicit smiles as Joey and Kristian worship their hard pricks. Brad and Kyle enter the fray, each apportioning himself to either Colby or Brennan, before the groups merges into one solid center of cock-sucking and frenetic sensuality. Each man slurps or feeds or teases or tastes as the others enjoy the heat. They settle into a line of languid cocksucking... spanning the length of the pool with their oral daisy chain. Then the men get on their hands and knees as Brad and Joey rim their tight holes one by one. Finally Eric Hanson joins the team... giving Brad first suck on his beautiful cock. As the group gives in to lust, cocks find the depths of asses and throats with a frenzy of passion. Blond Brennan fellates Eric and Kristian at the same time... and trains get pulled. Finally each man strokes himself to orgasm as his fellow alums enjoy the view of thick fountains of cum all around.
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