Puppy Love Series

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DescriptionPuppy Love I-III, English furry visual novel/adventure games by Studio Knockout.
Tongue-in-cheek, fourth wall-breaking dating games, really a lot of fun.
Not pornographic, but they contain both gay and straight romances.

Puppy Love I: TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT (Windows only)
Spring! Youth! Love! Friendship! Cherry blossoms! Rainbows! Street fighting! Gypsy curses! Angry dinosaurs!
As protagonist Silas, you will bumble enthusiatically through a typical anthropomorphic high-school day, summoning up the courage to ask someone special to the Lantern Festival. Five different endings to sniff out!

Puppy Love II: THE SPACENING (Windows/Mac/Linux)
The time: The Future. The place: Space. Time is running short, and you must solve a mystery in order to save your doomed space-station-slash-school.
As our spunky returning protagonist, Silas, you will gaily swashbuckle your way through highly educational perils, rescuing or romancing all in your path. See if you can find all NINE endings!

Puppy Love III: WILD WEST-SIDE STORY (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Bandits! Lawmen! A princess! Guns! Rope! Betrayal! Love! Duty! Justice! Ambition! Banjos! A pig! Fetch quests!
Point and click your way through this unlikely adventure, rescuing, dueling, tying up and romancing all in your path. See if you can find all THIRTEEN endings and the unlock the secret minigame!

Puppy Love Beta: Houzie Gets Schooled (Windows only)
Initial prototype version.

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