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DescriptionModel Photos - Jerry Harris

Playful, yet reserved. That's Jerry Harris. At least, until you get to know him. And once you do -- trust us, it doesn't take long to get to know this sexy cutie -- he's your friend for life. But be careful, if he likes what he sees he WILL try to get into your pants! Are you ready for that long, uncut, raw cock?
Release Date: 03/23/2015

Model Video & Photos - Jerry Harris and Maxx

Maxx and Jerry Harris are sporty young men more on the jock side than twink but they’re young, cute and always ready for a good time. After roller blading one Saturday morning, the two hit the showers to clean up but end up getting dirty. The horny twinks lather each other up with a sweet and tender sensuality. After making out, dark-haired Maxx drops to his knees and sucks Jerry. Then it’s Jerry’s turn to service some uncut twink dick. Maxx has a beautiful piece that just begs to be sucked and Jerry does a fine job, even working Maxx’s big balls while jerking himself off. But what Maxx wants most is to slide his long cock into Jerry’s tight hole and fuck him raw. Jerry is all too happy to oblige! Facing away from Maxx, Jerry arches his back, thrusting his ass out so Maxx can pump him full of cock, bareback fucking his sweet hole with gusto. Curiosity eventually takes over and Maxx, wondering what it feels like to have a raw cock up his own ass, impales himself on Jerry’s cock, riding his friend until Maxx shoots an explosive, thick and creamy load. Lucky Jerry — or is Maxx the lucky one? — then stands and rewards Maxx by shooting straight into his mouth. It’s a big load that spill out and dribbles down Maxx’s chin. But don’t worry. These two know how to lap it up and make all that jizz disappear!
Release Date: 03/24/2015

Model Photos - Maxx

Smooth, dark-haired Maxx is a bit on the shy side when you first meet him. But all this lanky twink needs is a bit of encouragement. And just take a look at that perfect, toned body. Who wouldn't want to encourage Maxx to strip down naked? And wait 'til you see his cock! Good thing there was no one in the shower when he dropped his drawers.
Release Date: 03/27/2015

Model Photos - Alex Granger

No one beats Alex Granger when it comes to versatility! This incredibly hot and sexy uncut blond is more jock than twink and can bareback flip fuck at the drop of a dime. And if you dare to look straight into his eyes you'll see this guy promises to be one hell of a passionate lover!
Release Date: 03/30/2015

Model Video & Photos - Michael Gettlin and Adam Hanks

Adam Hanks invites Michael Gettlin to go running and the two hit the track, dressed in white running shorts and tank tops. When they’re done, they stretch out to make sure their muscles don’t cramp up but they’re soon making out back at Adam’s place. In fact, they’re so horny they don’t even bother taking a shower or waiting to get to the bedroom. Adam immediately starts sucking Michael’s thick, mouth watering piece of meat. With some great close-ups, you can practically feel the warm throbbing from Michael’s cock! The handsome jock thoroughly enjoys the dick service and soon returns the favor. On his knees, Michael sucks on Adam’s bigger, thicker cock, using his lips and tongue to get Adam all wet before giving up his beefy little butt. Adam licks Michael’s tender hole, practically making love to it with his tongue, before having Michael slide down on Adam’s throbbing shaft. The two take turns, with Michael riding Adam, then Adam pumping into Michael, barebacking his sweet jock-twink hole balls deep. Michael shoots his seed onto Adam’s tongue, who greedily gulps it all down before spewing his own load into Michael’s mouth. The cock and cum hungry twink stud swallows it all, milking out every last drop of Adam’s jizz.
Release Date: 03/31/2015

Model Photos - Jack Blue

An angel fallen from grace. That's the only way to describe Jack Blue. With that curly hair and innocent look the twink looks like he stepped out of a renaissance painting. And with that smooth, toned body, mouth-watering cock and oh-so-kissable lips, you'll be wanting this pup to be YOUR bareback angel!
Release Date: 04/03/2015

Model Photos - Timothy Nixon

Like many other twinks, slender Timothy Nixon is young and pretty. The smooth hottie looks innocent but don't worry. This smoldering fireball of lust has plenty of bareback experience. And wait until you get a load from his huge uncut cock!
Release Date: 04/06/2015

Model Video & Photos - Peter Hawk and Julian Kolp

After working out at the gym, Peter Hawk and Julian Kolp are super horny. With all that adrenaline coursing through their bodies, neither of them can wait to get down to business and start making out the second they hit Peter’s flat. The blond twink with amazing washboard abs gets on his knees and starts sucking Julian. Judging from the way he services Julian, the dark-haired hottie must smell and taste pretty good! You can practically taste the sweat as you watch smooth Peter suck hairy Julian. After a while, Julian gets a taste of his workout partner, devouring the young stud’s big, fat, uncut tool and licking his balls for good measure. But for a true, tasty morsel, Julian bends Peter over and shoves his tongue in the sweet, pink fuckhole. You’d think Julian is priming Peter for a good fuck but the one that ends up with dick up his ass is Julian. Butch and beautiful, the jock-like twink straddles Peter and takes all the raw cock Peter can give. Then, with Julian bent over a chair, Peter keeps on plowing the bareback bottom twink, thrusting in and out of his hairy, meaty ass before spewing into Julian’s cum hungry mouth. Julian swallows the tasty treat then rewards Peter with a load of his own, which they both share in a sloppy, wet kiss.
Release Date: 04/07/2015

Model Photos - Joe Parkes

Cute and mostly versatile, Joe Parkes is a playful twink open for just about anything you throw at him, just as long as it includes some balls deep bareback fucking!
Release Date: 04/10/2015

Model Photos - Zac Powers

Like some young men, Zac Powers isn't quite a hunk or muscle jock so by default, because of his slim and lanky body, he falls into the twink category. Which is fine with us because Zac is friendly and youthful. Quick to smile and open for anything as long as there's bareback fucking involved, this super-hung hottie has a fat uncut tool that will make you drop to your knees!
Release Date: 04/13/2015

Model Video & Photos - Jerry Harris, Jarda Kussack and Tom Petrov

Jerry Harris is working out with Jarda Kussack and Tom Petrov. Both can pass for brothers but aren’t related in any way. Still, the mind takes you to funny places and Jerry, kinky twink bastard that he is, is already hard at the thought of sex with two guys who look like they might be related! It doesn’t take long for Jarda to grab hold of Jerry and Tom, sink to his knees, and start sucking. Alternating back and forth, Jarda sucks his work out buddies before Tom returns the favor and Jerry fucks his face. It’s a cock stiffening oral menage to watch the greedy twinks service each other! Soon everyone’s completely stripped naked and while Jerry holds Jarda’s legs up in the air, Tom rims Jarda, lubing his hairy little fuckhole with twink spit. Jarda is soon holding up his own legs as Jerry sucks his cock and Tom continues making love to his hole with his tongue. Once primed, Tom slips the head of his dick inside Jarda and starts to push. The bareback virgin is instantly lost in a world of pleasure, moaning as Tom works every single inch of raw cock up his ass. Spit roasted between Jerry and Tom, Jarda takes all the cock he can handle. And trust us when we say that the newly addicted cock pig can handle plenty! Jerry and Tom tag team the bareback twink whore until they’re ready to spew. Tom shoots into Jarda’s mouth and the slender cocksucker swallows the load, sharing the flavor and a few drops of DNA in a sticky kiss. Jerry soon follows, creaming Jarda’s freshly fucked ass, smearing the load around and seeding the slender, athletic bottom before Jarda coats his own belly with his own jizz, which Jerry samples. But the pigs aren’t done yet! Tom, aroused by what he’s just witnessed and participated in, fires off a second load, delivering yet another twink load into Jerry’s hungry mouth. And THAT’S what we call a workout!
Release Date: 04/14/201

Model Photos - Daniel Woods

Quiet and intense is the best way to describe Daniel Woods. This incredibly passionate, beautifully hung twink has an uncut tool that looks amazing fucking tight holes. You can just imagine what it would feel like pounding YOU raw!
Release Date: 04/17/2015

Model Photos - Billy Parker

Some of you may know Billy Parker as Julian Tomlinson. But a cute and sexy twink by any other name is still just that...a cute and sexy twink! The adorably curly-haired bareback lover is slender and smooth with a pert little ass and a sweet uncut cock.
Release Date: 04/20/2015

Model Video & Photos - Alex Granger and Jack Blue

Alex Granger is relaxing by the pool with his music, a cigarette, and a hard-on when along comes curly-haired beauty, Jack Blue. The luscious twink immediately drops to his knees and starts sucking the smooth, inked jock. Alex enjoys the blowjob and soon returns the favor, blowing the twink and taking his cock down to the balls. Jock and twink are soon making out before Alex turns around and presents his luscious ass for Jack to savor. The twink obviously knows what he’s doing as Alex moans and sighs, Jack’s tongue firmly planted in Alex’s hungry hole. After a good priming rimjob, Alex throws his legs up in the air and offers up his ass for the hung twink to fuck. Jack sinks the entire length of his cock inside Alex and starts pumping. Then it’s Jack’s turn. Alex gives him a quick spit lube before sliding home and pounding the twink bareback…deep, hard, and fast. But anyone who’s watched Alex in action knows Alex is a bigger bottom than he is a top. He impales himself on Jack’s delicious cock, riding him raw and fucking himself until he blows a rich and creamy load all over himself. A moment later, Alex takes one on the chin as Jack strokes out a mouth watering delivery, straight onto Alex’s waiting tongue and pretty face!
Release Date: 04/21/2015

Model Photos - Marty Marshall

If ever there was a twink that was perfectly described by the adage "still waters run deep," it would be Marty Marshall. This mild-mannered young man has a quiet demeanor and a calm disposition...until sex is involved. That's when this bareback sex addict turns freaky and loud!
Release Date: 04/24/2015

Model Photos - Simon Clay

Tall, slender, and ethereal is how one fan described Simon Clay. But whatever you call the angelic twink with the luscious red lips, Simon is sure to satisfy your bareback desires. He enjoys topping a tight hole from time to time but nothing pleases him more than feeling a stiff big cock pounding away at him until he collects that load!
Release Date: 04/27/201

Model Video & Photos - Timothy Nixon, Joe Parkes and Zac Powers

While on summer vacation, Timothy Nixon, Joe Parkes and Zac Powers enjoy an afternoon sunning themselves by the pool. Unable to resist the call of the water, the three jump in and splash around, frolicking without a care. Sadly, all fun things must come to an end sooner or later so they get out of the pool but the REAL fun is just beginning! Completely naked now, Joe and Timothy start making out while Zac looks on. And in the blink of an eye — isn’t it wonderful to be so direct? — Joe is on his knees, sucking Zac, then Tim, while Zac and Tim make out. What follows is a big league cock sucking session, each of them wrapping their lips around big, thick, uncut twink cock, as well getting serviced. The equal opportunity cocksuckers then position themselves for what they truly want…Timothy bent over, getting rimmed by Zac and sucked by Joe. Zac slides that enormous monster cock inside Timothy, barebacking the bottom twink outdoors while Joe continues to make a meal out of Tim’s dick. With some ass-to-mouth, and a helping hand from Joe, Zac continues to fuck Timothy, stuffing his hole full of raw cock before pulling out and letting Joe have a go. Timothy straddles Joe, riding his cock while making out with Zac before moving back to the big-dicked top, then back again. Tim shoots his seed and is rewarded with a double facial, two huge, thick and creamy loads that coat his face like a glaze that will make you wish you were there to lick it all up!
Release Date: 04/28/2015

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