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[BG EAST]Ben Monaco vs Mason Brooks

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DescriptionClass Is Now In Session!

What? Ben Monaco has wrestled for BG East all of 4 times, and he has already decided it's his turn to initiate the rookies? That's exactly what the burly Canadian hunk proposed to The Boss. Experiencing more than his fair share of hard knocks and harsh lessons learned at the hands of BG East's upperclassmen, Ben announced that it's his time to break in a new crop of fresh-faced newbies. Having just learned the ropes himself, Ben argued, who better to return the favor all over the eager, ambitious, naïve body of a new recruit?

The Boss hand picked none other than Mason Brooks to be the first pledge for big Ben to see if he can master. Young, handsome Mason already proved that he's a lot to handle, taking Ben's countryman Blaine Janus almost a step farther than Blaine could manage in Mason's BG East debut. Ben saw that match and thought the rookie was just too cocky, not nearly respectful enough of what nothing but blood, sweat and tears shed on the mats can teach a cocky rook. Ben was delighted with the assignment and extremely enthusiastic to get his hands on young Mason's already-legendary nipples.

Stepping back inside the BG East Gazebo, Mason is determined to score his first notch in the victory column. Initial taunts quickly give way to a scramble for control. Despite his 25-pound weight advantage, big Ben almost instantly finds himself thrown to his back trapped in a humiliating schoolboy pin, staring up at the smirking rookie. Mason's beautiful ass bulges over the top of his miniscule baby blue square cut trunks as he sits mounted atop the beefy hunk beneath him. Initiating this rookie looks like it may have been more than the powerful Canadian bargained for. "That didn't take long, did it?" Mason taunts.

Few things can motivate Ben Monaco like a quick blow to his ego from a green rookie. With dominating power, the Canadian upends Mason, sending him sprawling across the mat. Demonstrating a few of the harsh lessons he's learned in his brief tenure at BG East, Ben doesn't allow his opponent even a moment to recalibrate. In a flash, the big man is on top of him, controlling his legs, and rolling the rookie into a beautiful, backbreaking Boston crab. With the big Canadian bearing down on him, Mason submits quickly, too quickly for Ben who milks the hold until the cocky rookie gasps out another two submissions to drive home the point: this is the school of hard knocks, rook!

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