♺ GAI Studios - Ten+ Vol 2 - When Big Size Is Really Important (wmv)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-10-15 |

Ten Plus 2 (When Big Size Is Really Important)

This is one of those movies where twinks live in million-dollar accommodations. Cute little Orion Cross, to win a bet with a friend, calls tall, black ten-incher Johnny Long over to his fantastic mansion. Good-natured, dignified Long lets Cross measure his mammoth meat and suck it. Sometimes Cross drools so much trying to eat all of that thing, it seems almost like cum streaming from his mouth. It’ easier when he lies down and lets Long fuck his face. Full-hard, Long’s dong is nearly knee-length, and if it wasn’t slightly curved it might be knee length! Cross acts like it’s a horrible chore to take it all up his lily-white ass, but he does so, and seems to welcome Long’s long string of cum in his face as he jacks his own load, tit-rings jiggling.

Blond-dyed possible Latino Cody of "Ten Inch Productions" invites crophaired young-Obama lookalike Lexington to audition. Cody’s a dedicated deep-throater until Lexington gets so long it’s impossible. Lexington likes to suck too, his tits heaving as he does so. He sticks his ass out like he’d like it fucked, but in this movie the ten-inchers are the tops, so he sucks and fingers Cody’s beautiful coral-colored cornhole open, then uses it to jack his giant joint in. He cums on Cody’s eager tongue and sweaty face.

Cute, bright-looking brunet sucker Waye doesn’t mind butch Foxx’s cock having some erectile problems, but he does automatically thrust his ass in the air when he feels Foxx getting full hard in his mouth. But Foxx wants to sixty-nine cocksuck and finger some hole for a while before fucking that ass while Waye bounces on him. Foxx spanks it while fucking it, making for really-red twink-twat! It gets so loose, Foxx can pull clear out and jab all the way back in. Waye sprays spunk getting fucked.

Cover face-and-phallus! In another swank apartment, accented Juvani phone-orders, and gets, donkey-dicked pin-up Collin. Juvani’s crotch is hairless, Collin’s hideously shaggy as he fucks butt till the condom squeaks!

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