Acceed - 淫尿交尾2 (Pissing Copulation 2)

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DescriptionThis very hot piss movie is the follow-up of "Pissing Copulation"!
As for every Japanese porn film, the genitals are slightly pixelated.

Definition: 1137x640
Duration: 02:06:01
Format: .mp4
Release date: 2014/10/17
Tags: ~piss ~watersports ~twinks ~hunks ~japanese ~gangbang ~bukkake

Here is the official description roughly translated from Acceed’s website:

If you love piss and could do anything for the love of piss, enjoy our new movie "Pissing Copulation 2" !

Scene 1 • Masato & Shido copulate in dirty urine!!
The two guys are wearing traditional loincloths and peeing in them. They pee on themselves and suck their wet cocks.
They drench each other with their stinking piss and Shido end up fucking Masato in a wet hot sex!
"Let me taste your smelly pee!"

Scene 2 • A young boy in the public toilets
Tied up to the public urinals of a parking, this slutty boy is excellent at taking piss in his mouth and is loving it.
Two guys come and fulfill his wishes, but he is still begging for more. They keep drenching him in the parking and start to like it too.
They were reluctant at first but in the end everybody gets pissed on!!
"Give me more piss to cheer me up!"

Scene 3 • Welcome party for the newcomer
Four colleagues enjoy a drink after a long day of work. One of them joined the company a few days ago and they decide to give him a special welcome party!
They start filling glasses with their urine and piss on the newcomer in the bar! Then they start fucking him hard while pissing on him.
The newcomer will moan like a bitch while riding each one of their dicks and being soaked in pee from head to toe. They all end up sharing a glass of pee.
"Let’s see if he’s thirsty for work!"

Scene 4 • 20-person piss bukkake!!
A blond twink is in a pool to get drenched in urine. And he will get what he came for, being pissed on from the beginning to the end of the shooting!
"It’s warm… Give me more!" Well, you will bathe in it, you piss whore!
20 guys will gang-bang him hard and cover him with their stinky piss.

Come and watch these bastards getting covered in smelly piss and enjoying being drenched from head to toe in the bad-smelling and filthy liquid!

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