Cha0s men Edg3 Collection

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DescriptionThe idea behind these "Edg3" videos is that they take a straight identifying guy, who is curious about sex with another guy, but hesitant or just too chicken to try it out on their own, and give them the opportunity to be seated in a chair blindfolded with hands tied behind their backs so that a very lucky gay guy can do whatever he chooses and they can't do thing about it.  This is my collection of 14 of these scenes.

Hope you all milk as much enjoyment out of them as i have over the last several years.

Here is a list of the included files and the running time of each.

1.  Allen  32.42
2.  Augustus  26.02
3.  Bastian  17.12
4.  Bay & Sawyer  28.10
5.  Delaney Edges Roy  19.43
6.  Dwight  27.29
7.  Jagger  19.40
8.  Jet & Darius  31.57
9.  Lucas & Jet  23.20
10.  Novak  16.10
11.  Ransom & Santiago  28.02
12.  Ransom and Solomon  32.28
13.  Tobin  27.06
14.  Zane  15.39
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