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Campus Gloryhole - Private Videos Set 2

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Description2x01 A New Private Gloryhole Setup (7:04)
I moved my private gloryhole from my entryway to my bedroom door. This was the first willing guy. He has a nice cock, but is a bit lacking on the body side. He cracked open a few beers as I was blowing him. With the gloryhole over here, I have a camera hidden on my balcony to capture it from his side. This guy immediately turned out the light, but hopefully I'll have some hot dual screen gloryhole blowjobs for you guys.

2x02 Discreet Guy Responded to Craigslist Ad (11:29)
This guy responded to an ad of mine and was completely down with recording. You can tell he really was getting off to it by his on camera demeanor.

2x03 First Attempt With My New Private Gloryhole (7:48)
Decided I would try the private gloryhole thing again and got this guy pretty quick. I hit him up on MeetMe, where his profile says he's straight, and he was completely down. Nothing that impressive about this video, and the camera needed to obviously be higher, but thought I'd share anyway.

2x04 Highway Rest Area Nighttime Blowjob 1 (10:18)
The main camera I use for video I modified for a class to "see" full spectrum light (UV/Visible/IR) instead of just visible light. It seems to have a dual purpose once I mount an IR light on it and use it out in the pitch black of night at the rest area. We can't see this light and the camera can, so this guy thought he was getting a completely discreet blowjob where I could barely make out his face. For this video I just set the camera and light at the far end of the picnic table and strategically got him positioned right in its line of sight. I love how after guys at places like this are ready to bolt after they nut. This guy was driving an 18-wheeler and only stopped in to get sucked off.

2x05 Highway Rest Area Nighttime Blowjob 2 (16:40)
When I was in high school I figured out I could go to a particular rest area anytime of the day or night and get sucked or find a nice cock to suck. It was like a 24 hour orgy, and on Friday and Saturday nights there would be groups of guys at the picnic tables all sucking and fucking. Since then, that rest area has closed, and even though there's another one close by on the same highway that is just as discreet for nighttime play, it's pretty much dead all the time. I miss the good ole' days ;-) It took several nights and many hours of waiting around to get these two videos, but it was fun doing it. I did run into a couple other guys, but wasn't able to record it or wasn't willing to touch them :-P I was just jerking off with this one middle aged guy with a cock ring (those turn me off completely, no offense, they just do) and wasn't really getting anywhere when this BIG trucker got out of his truck and walked over to where we were behind some trees. He just kinda sauntered up with no pants on whatsoever, turned away from us and bent over. The cock ring guy went up and started slapping this guy's ass with his cock. It turned out the trucker wasn't offering his ass up to anyone that would take it. He had walked through an ant bed, and being barefoot was being attacked. The whole scene was ridiculous and hilarious.      Soooo.... about this guy ;-) This was a much better story where a guy with a nice cock pulled up in Super Duty Ford truck and headed right out to where I was at the picnic table. This time I had the camera sitting back behind me on a tripod partially in some brush. After he killed his headlights I barely had time to turn start it recording before he was already walking over to me. I wish there were more guys like this that came out there and knew what they wanted. This guy just wanted to nut and gave me no option other than swallowing by shoving his cock down my throat when he came. I thought I wasn't going to get his cum for a minute when a truck pulled up shining his lights over where we were. Alas, that made his more adamant about getting off and getting out of there, so he went to town on face, force-fed me his cum and took off.

2x06 Long Lost Video of Kaden (5:02)
Found an old memory card and looky what was on it. I had made this video impromptu one night when Kaden text me wanting to stop by and get off. He says he's going to be back at the end of summer to make some more gloryhole videos with me ;-)

2x07 Making a Hot Intact Cock Cum at the Adult Video Arcade Gloryhole (11:44)
I am always delighted when suck a nice cock comes through the gloryhole. I sucked and played with this guys cock for quite a bit before he couldn't hold back and shot his load. I like gloryholes because all the etiquette of "I'm about to cum" or "Where do you want me to cum?" goes out the window. I'm sure the guy on the other side gets even more turned on knowing he can just cum whenever he wants with no warning.

2x08 More Fun With My Favorite Trucker Cock (10:52)
This trucker hits me up whenever he's driving through and we mess around in the cab of his truck. I love sucking his cock and he's completely down for recording. He thinks I just jerk off to them later. Somehow, after we're done, he always directs the conversation to his son, who I think just graduated high school this spring. This time we met he was telling me he had recently walked in on his son jerking off. I, of course, had to inquire if his son's cock was as big as his. He didn't know for sure, but said it looked decent in size in the quick glimpse he got. After I asked, he told me that he didn't have his son circumcised because he didn't see a point to it if he was doing fine. Mmmm, my dick gets hard just thinking of a hung white intact 18 year old country boy in Arkansas beating off.

2x09 My Favorite Trucker Cock Comes Through Town Again (8:26)
This time he wanted to give me a facial, and I let him pump his creamy load all over my mouth. I was tired as hell and hadn't cum myself in five days and bust a relieving load at the end of the video.

2x10 Understall at the Library (14:58)
This white college guy had an awesome uncut cock! I've never seen it at the gloryhole, so I guess he doesn't know about. The library on campus is kinda cruisy too and has peep holes between the stalls. I was working on class stuff one afternoon and took a restroom break to find him jerking off in the next stall. I didn't have anything but my cell phone on me, but I still got a decent video. He blasts a huge load as we were jerking our dicks, and after a couple seconds of jerking my cock covered in his cum I bust my load all over his cock.

Shorter Clips:
Highway Rest Area Camera Test
Just a short video of me walking from my car to the picnic table where guys meet up in the middle of the night for sex. More guys need to be out having sex at places like this, so get up and go cruising! Maybe we'll run into each other ;-)

Sucking a Drunk and Passed Out Friend
I've always fantasized of doing this, and finally got to ;-) Not a great video, but my buddy had been drinking quite a bit. He had already passed out on my bed before the rest of my friends left. I don't mean to disappoint, but if he had woke up it wouldn't have been that big of a deal. I've blown him before, even though he prefers to fuck girls. His dick was starting to get hard, and then he rolled over on his side :-(

Sleeping Guy at the Rest Area
Now I seem like a real creeper ;-) But this guy pulled up right in front of me at the rest area and was screwing around in his trunk. I couldn't tell what he was doing, so while he was still outside of his car, I got out of my car and walked to the picnic table to hopefully entice him. After he climbed back into his car and there was no more movement, I got brave and wandered up with my night vision camera on. He had folded his back seat down so he could lay down and sleep. He was tall and lean and needed some head. I waited around awhile and to see if I might be able to blow him. After checking back the last time his was laying there with an obvious boner in his shorts. I had decided I was just going to straight up offer him some head when he woke up. I figured after sleeping in his hot car the first thing he would do when he got up was step outside and take a piss, so I crouched behind a tree to hopefully catch him taking a piss. He just climbed out through his trunk, got in the driver's seat and drove off though :-(

Jerking a Wet Pre-Cum Covered Cock Through a Gloryhole
I love pre-cum, but I haven't become such a whore that I can slurp on a dripping wet cock when it comes through the gloryhole, yet. This guy's cock was already sloppy and slick before I got my hands on it. I played with it for a bit, but I guess he wanted a mouth or ass to nut in. I know there are more slutty guys than me that'll clean that up for him and suck out his cum.

Big White Cock at the Bookstore Gloryhole
The beginning of this video is the guy flipping through porn in his booth. I think I saw a wedding ring ;-) He then shoves his cock through the gloryhole, which was a snug fit. I was just getting going sucking on this cock when my phone died. Using the camera and light drain it quick.

Hispanic Country Worker Guy
I like guys like this. He was dressed like a blue collar guy in his work jeans and boots. They kinda looked like Army desert boots, but they may not of been. Either way, he had a big floppy intact cock that he let me suck on for quite a bit. I don't know if my mouth wasn't right for his cock, but he got frustrated and you can hear him hit the wall at the end of this video. He still smiled at me in the hall after, but I think he just wanted to fuck some ass. There was another guy there I watched through a peep hole take a few loads in his ass. This Hispanic guy went into another gloryhole booth and the other guy went into the adjoining booth. I went into the next booth where I could see this other cock slut waste no time getting this fat cock down his throat. Just a little bit of sucking and then he turned around and sat down on this cock slapping his ass on the wall as this cock pounded him through the gloryhole. Less than a couple minutes of that and I'm assuming the Hispanic guy unloaded in this slut's ass because he was out of the booth and left right after.

Big Dick in an Adult Video Arcade Booth
This guy had a great dick. He may have been Hispanic, but looked more European in the dim light of the porn playing. I could see that before he even came into my booth because he was wandering around the arcade in sweat pants. He was all cool with recording, but after a bit he asked to turn it off because is was distracting him. I believed him because he wasn't as hard. As soon as I turned off the camera he went to town on my cock. He got on his knees until I fed him some cum and then busted his own load on the floor between my feet.

Hispanic Dick Nursing
Just a fun video of me nursing on a nice Hispanic dick at a gloryhole. I sucked and played with his foreskin a lot.

Intact Video Arcade Gloryhole Dick
Another nice looking cock I got to suck for a bit. I hope I'm not doing anything wrong, but I sure wish some of these guys would let me finish them off ;-)

Long Floppy Dick at the Arcade Gloryhole
I sucked and jerked this dick for awhile. I didn't even record most of it. He never came wasn't staying hard. Who knows, he probably already came down someone else's throat and just wanted his dick massaged some more ;-) Some pics I snapped when I got bored of sucking him :-P

Buddies Stopping To Take a Piss
Truck full of guys stopped at the rest area and a group of guys climbed out to take a piss. I was too far away to see anything. Anyone want me to try to get a closer video of something like this?
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