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Atomic Video - ATM4 - YARI-MAN

--> 1 hour, 17 minutes

--> 2 parts - 1st part includes the main chub model with two other chubby/plump guys.  he gets tied up a bit, sucks one guy while the other uses a dildo on his ass changing positions after some time.  the main chub model then gets fucked in the ass in a sitting position.  the other guy enters the scene and makes the main chub model suck his cock.  after some time the other guy dogstyles the main chub model.  then its a missionary/victory position when the 1st guys takes his turn again while sucking the other guy. both guys shot their cum on the main chub model's face. 2nd part includes the main chub model with another chubby guy.  the main model sucks his partner.  after that, he then fucks the main chub model in a missionary/victory position.  the main chub model then sucks his partner until he cums but the main chub model doesn't remove his mouth and gets all of the cum of his partner in his mouth.  the main chub model then jacks off 'til he reaches orgasm.

as a special bonus.  the main chub model is shot lying on a bathtub peeing to his mouth.  talk about extreme water sports!

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