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With "Sharp," we are treated to a parade of sexually voracious hunks that jump at each other whenever they can, but their action is wrapped in a taut thriller plot. It's hard to manage suspense with long sex scenes, but it works here. The plot is interesting, and the sex is superb. Bare-chested Blake Riley is busy trimming his hedges when his pal Doug Jeffries shows him an ad for a sex party, which starts at "7:30 sharp!" Blake speeds off to join the fun (just a quick little break -- there's a continuity gaffe here, in that Blake has no shirt when approached by Doug, has one talking to him, and then doesn't have it again when he's in his car -- I prefer shirtless!).

The interesting venue for this down-and-dirty raunchfest is actually a mineshaft. Dirty, definitely. But, the two guys already there don't mind. One of porn's majestic wonders, inked suave Tommy Blade, is easily deep-throating lean Wolf Hudson's cock with his usual �lan. Suckers don't come better than Tommy, who can take any hard cock and keep a blowjob hot for as long as his partner can stand it. Side-burned Blake watches from the sidelines as Tommy shows why everyone should attend a sex party where he can be found. The blowjob gets even more intense when Blake joins, giving Tommy two dicks to dazzle, and he does so with double the abandon. Tommy moves his tireless mouth to Blake's ass, where he rims with the same sex-drenched devotion, while Wolf now sucks Blake. Tommy goes back to sucking goateed Wolf solo so Blake can fuck him. Tommy's ass is as welcoming as his mouth, so Blake can slam at him with long blasts that go all the way inside. This is when Blake smiles for the first time in the movie, and understandably so. Tommy's ass inspires every top to do his best work. All three cum together, giving Tommy the last spot, the star moment he has earned. A half-awake Wolf, still in the shaft, tells the guy standing over him, "the party's over." For him it is, as the man takes out a knife and stabs him over and over.

My beloved Tommy gets a visit from cops Nick Marino and Josh West, two giant slabs of beef who are thankfully wearing police uniforms at least two sizes too small. Tommy is nonchalant to Josh and Nick's demanding questions, particularly once they see Tommy's knife collection. Nick stays behind to question Tommy's roommate Jackson Wild, a pert lanky cutie. Well, he doesn't so much question him as force Jackson's mouth to his crotch for another kind of oral usage. Brunet Jackson doesn't fight it, reveling in gulping down hairy Nick's cock, doing so with a bounce in his whole body. He contorts in various positions so he can get maximum Nick dick into his mouth, eventually reveling in a hard-won deep-throat. Nick gets him to suck his nightstick as well, and Jackson is horny enough to give it the same juicy gobble he does the actual cock (and sometimes together).

With Nick finally naked, Jackson can go poking around his giant ass with a fast-moving tongue. It's a very intense rimming, but Jackson has to be careful since his small face could easily be swallowed up by that hairy delicious butt. Nick then eats out Jackson, balanced on his head, his immaculate pale hole catnip for Nick's stylish rimjob. Though these two could have continued orally forever, Nick is a raging top, so he pries Jackson apart, still on his head, and fucks at him downward. This opening position is so clever, and the videography by Adam Killian, which has been superb so far, catches its uniqueness beautifully. Nick doesn't worry about his littler bottom, instead raging ahead with a manly fuck that goes all the way in. Jackson gets to rest on his stomach, butt in the air, so Nick can use the nightstick to fuck the kid. Fucking him thus, Nick roars out a cum-shot all over Jackson's buttcheeks. Nick angrily tells Jackson this was a message from the police department and hurries out. What's the message? Cops make the best tops?

Tommy has another sex party planned, and Blake tells him to bring Jackson along, but their phone conversation is interrupted by Office Josh West. Noticing Tommy's dirt-covered boots, easily explained by Blake's occupation as a landscaper, Josh nonetheless wants to question him about Tommy. Jackson, doomed by all the conventions of horror movies, is waiting by the pool at night when someone he knows approaches. Alas, it's not friendly, because Jackson ends up dead in the pool, slashed to ribbons.

Death doesn't stop good sex! At another of Tommy's parties, Tommy and tall reedy Jason Longh are being orally serviced by a zesty Trystian Sweet, while Nash Lawler stands above them beating and watching. Plucky hairless Trystian has obviously attended the Tommy Blade School of Breathless Blowjobs, and does very well with the two cocks at his face, even when the master himself bends over to help now and then. Though handsome Nash is only watching for now, he can aim a great line of spit right down on the action to keep it lubed, and Tommy does the same, forever making sure he's the true focus of the scene (and he's the hardest worker, so it's absolutely deserved). Poor Trystian has to work himself into a deep-throat of Jason's immense dick, but then Tommy simply opens his mouth and devours it all, the showy pro! Since Tommy is incapable of idleness, he gets Nash into a position where he can be sucked. Tommy then puts his arms on a ladder and throws his legs in the air, body parallel to the floor so Trystian can rim him as Jason blows him. This is grand position, showing how hard both director Doug Jeffries and Tommy are willing to work to keep a scene exciting. Tommy and Trystian share sucking chores on Jason, alternating and working together, Trystian doing his best to keep up. Jason tosses his head back so he can have Nash lower his cock into his mouth.

Nash then flips over his perch so Jason can lick around his asshole. Fuck time finds Tommy and Jason bent over a cart making out while Nash plugs Tommy and Trystian does Jason. Nash forges ahead easily, cramming himself into Tommy with super rhythm, but Trystian makes for a rather unlikely and sometimes awkward top. It's tough to compete with the team of Nash and Tommy, who are stellar together. Now that Nash is fully part of the scene, he really focuses his full energy on topping Tommy to the hilt. Tommy then rides Jason's cock, the biggest in the room, and aces it by plowing up and down every available inch. Nash blows Trystian nearby, but they are merely keeping themselves busy while Tommy once again steals the scene with sheer porn god authority. Tommy cums on Jason, who spits one out immediately after, leaving Trystian and Nash to blast from the perch a few feet higher. About the time everyone was readying to cum, the diligent police officers showed up at the warehouse sex party. Trystian is asking Tommy if they can get together again, but when the officers see Tommy's blade (sorry, I had to slip that pun in somewhere) collection, they shoot Tommy in the chest.

The last scene starts with a rather unlikely couple, Blake Riley and Josh West. I guess they bonded over this case. Blake is scared by the whole thing, but Josh comforts him with a sweet sucking. Hirsute he-man Josh is slow and sensual, looking up past Blake's chiseled torso right to his eye as he sucks. Blake's thick curving cock is an interesting challenge, but Josh is tender in handling it, creating a calm mood different from that of the other scenes, all of which aimed for fast and furious. Josh darts his tongue around Blake's hairy hole as he pokes his own at the camera. Once again, the camera is so close to the munching that I could almost taste Blake right along with Josh.

Brandishing Josh's nightstick, Blake sucks Josh's cock, taking as much of the fat veiny piece as possible. He works hard and with Josh face-fucking him, he pretty much manages all of it. Blake sits on Josh to start the anal portion, and takes it all with Josh pushing upwards at him. The two develop a good rhythm together, so when one tires, the other seamlessly takes over and the position always looks energetic. Blake then take it sideways from Josh, who plants it all in and stays buried. Josh then stands over Blake and blasts all over his bottom's torso.

Later, Blake confesses how scared he was, since he was supposed to be at Tommy's last sex party. That's where I'll end my blow-by-blow and let you see the rest for yourself. "Sharp" is typical Doug Jeffries -- smart and sexy. In creating an interesting story, he always manages to keep that glee going through the sex scenes. However, he has an ace in the hole here with Tommy Blade, who dominates the proceedings. Tommy is simply that good a performer. He stands out among a fantastic cast by just going the extra mile whenever he can.

A DVD Review by Brent Blue ( hxxp://ManNet.com )

*** Highly Recommended ***


Tommy Blade ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/b/i_stars/Blade_Tommy )
Blake Riley ( hxxp://myspace.com/nstinctualboi05 )
Josh West ( hxxp://bigmuscle.com/82063 )
Nick Marino ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/m/a_stars/Marino_Nick )
Nash Lawler ( hxxp://www.myspace.com/skawtswat )
Trystian Sweet ( hxxp://www.TrystianSweet.com )
Jackson Wild ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/w/i_stars/Wild_Jackson )
Jason Longh ( hxxp://www.myspace.com/jasonlongh )
Wolf Hudson ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/h/t_stars/Hudson_Wolf )
Doug Jeffries

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