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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-04-06 |

The first production in the AMG BRASIL brand of Premium Hardcore, produced & filmed entirely in Brazil with an All-Brazilian cast!
It's a Deluge, a tropical downpour of rain and hot bronzed Brazilian boys coming down all at once. The heat of the Brazilian jungle lures out the most animalistic passions in everyone, the primal urges that linger deep in the loins of the young men who come to play for the day. A soccer game is abruptly ended when Regis Rodrigues, with his bronze skin and surfer-dude hair style, kicks a foul ball deep into the surrounding jungle. The game breaks up as the boys pace through the trees looking for the ball, but all they find is raw primal sex beneath the forest canopy. As the rain starts to come down, the steam rises from their hot bodies that just can't be cooled off!
After a cascading dreamy five minute title sequence of Brazilian sex, water, rain and jungle scenes, Marcelo and Aquiles go off in their own direction and let the others go find the lost soccer ball. As the rain begins, they only make it to the staircase, before the tropical heat and steam take them over, and Aquiles pounds Marcelo to the ground, plowing him open in passion, while Marcelo screams out in loud clear Portuguese as Aquiles makes his goal!
On the other side of the jungle, Regis and Rodrigo stroll through the trees, not really looking for the ball, but seemingly more anxious to find a place to fuck! Against the old factory doors, Rodrigo spreads the big round ass cheeks of Regis and probes his tongue in deep. Regis spins him around, and fucks him hard against the rattling doors of the building. In three long positions, Rodrigo gives his ass to Regis, ending up on a rock on his back, legs splayed open before Regis spews hot loads onto his chest.
The rain comes down hard. Nick Vallani, now lost in the jungle rain, finds another old building in the forest, and discovers two of his teammates already inside. Falsto is savoring the giant uncut cock of Anderson, swallowing it whole. Nick watches for awhile from the doorway, but can't take it any longer and invites himself into the action. Falsto gets plowed from both ends like a pig on a spit, sucking Nick's long shaft and getting sacrificed by Anderson's thick cock, before they trade positions, and Nick gets his turn. Nick can
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