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Seancody SC Kurt Collection

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DescriptionHere is a collection of every video ever shot by Seancody model Kurt. Kurt has a fat jock ass and gets it fucked more than he fucks other studs. That ass is too inviting. Enjoy! Bonus points always welcomed. This is a huge file but well worth the download, the pictures speak for themselves! What I would give to have my tongue in  that ass!
Remember this torrent contains all the videos he's ever performed in, including behind the scenes.
If you like seeing straight jocks have a reallyyy hard time getting fucked this is for you. Kurt screams and YELLS and throws his face in pain everytime he bottoms (which is pretty frequent). Idk why but it's so hot when the stud getting fucked is in pain and he can't even pretend he's not.

sc0819-Rylan & Kurt.wmv 384.98 MB
sc0813-Kurt & Matt.wmv 373.99 MB
sc0753-Kurt & Paul.wmv 371.10 MB
sc0799-Pete & Kurt.wmv 339.85 MB
sc0925-Scott & Kurt.wmv 339.29 MB
Oscar & Kurt.wmv 333.07 MB
sc0964-Jamie & Kurt.wmv 332.17 MB
sc0788-Kurt & Mitch.wmv 332.01 MB
sc0774-Kurt & Trey.wmv 330.70 MB
sc0828-Fuller & Kurt.wmv 321.60 MB
sc0781-Harley & Kurt.wmv 320.93 MB
sc0976-Alan & Kurt.wmv 308.91 MB
sc0937-Jared and Kurt.wmv 286.80 MB
sc0865-Hawaii-Kurt & Doug.wmv 279.20 MB
sc0839-Glen & Kurt.wmv 278.96 MB
sc0860-Tyler & Kurt.wmv 269.48 MB
sc0732-Kurt.wmv 214.91 MB
sc0820-Rylan & Kurt Behind the Scenes.wmv 213.93 MB
sc0849-Hawaii-Isaac and Kurt.wmv 193.35 MB
sc0840-Glen & Kurt Behind the Scenes.wmv 159.21 MB
sc0800-Pete & Kurt Behind the Scenes.wmv 150.53 MB
sc0965-Jamie & Kurt Behind the Scenes.wmv 144.25 MB
sc0866-Hawaii-Kurt & Doug Behind the Scenes.wmv 142.57 MB
sc0754-Kurt & Paul 'Behind the Scenes'.wmv 117.68 MB
sc0775-Kurt & Trey Behind the Scenes.wmv 115.71 MB
sc0814-Kurt and Matt Behind the Scenes.wmv 76.19 MB
sc0938-Jared and Kurt BTS.wmv 71.84 MB
sc0782-Harley & Kurt Behind the Scenes.wmv 64.71 MB
sc0850-Hawaii-Isaac and Kurt Behind the Scenes.wmv 46.23 MB
sc0829-Fuller & Kurt Behind the Scenes.wmv 33.58 MB
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