MSF Jonathon's strict Caning

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DescriptionIf Jonathon thought he was going to get away with just one spanking after he was caught reading porn in class, and playing with himself, then he was very much mistaken!

"Just stay where you are"! commanded his Dad, as the unfortunate lad tries to leave for school, Dad then orders Jonathon to go to his office and collect two objects waiting there for him!When Jonathon returns he carries a cane and a small black bag containing a bizarre device.First Jonathan is ordered to drop his trousers and underpants and bend over, whereupon Dad commences the caning, whilst lecturing his son about the Biblical sin of Onan (self abuse) as Jonathon screams out in pain at the stinging swats of the cane.Then, ignoring the miserable boy's pleas Dad attaches a chastity device to Jonathon's substantial genitals This will stop you masturbating! he growls You'll be wearing it at school for the next two weeks!He then sends Jonathon off to school, telling him the caning will continue upon his return!

When Jonathon reluctantly returns from school, his father, after having first checked the chastity device is still in place sends his son to collect the cane again, and the punishment continues.What follows is one of the longest and most severe canings young Jonathon has yet taken, first on his snug fitting shorts, his underpants and then on the bare. in a lengthy scene which will delight the lovers of the cane. Jonathon wails and yelps all the way through.Finally it's over, and briefly released from the restrictive device Jonathon is sent for a shower. The angry cane marks standing out like tram lines across his handsome cheeks. Standing under the shower, covered in soap, the naughty horny young man can not resist playing with himself, BIG MISTAKE, and soon his wet and well caned young bottom is on the stinging end of another hand spanking!
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