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DescriptionPART 1
Taye is a 21-year-old college wrestler. He's a natural athlete, but he's cocky and lazy and doesn't seem to care that he's lost his last five matches. His coach thinks it's time for an attitude adjustment. Wearing nothing but a skin-tight singlet, Taye is so nervous he is dripping sweat before we even get started.

Chained upright to a universal gym, his cock and balls attached to the gym's lifting mechanism with a steel ring, Taye faces a simple choice: Hold whatever weight is added to the machine or let it stretch his balls. Fifty pounds later, his biceps are ready to burst. "Oh God, I'm gonna lose my balls!" he sputters as his arms shake uncontrollably and his ball-sack stretches to the ripping point.

Terrified and still suffering from his cock and ball torture, Taye can't believe the new level of pain when small, steel clamps are attached to his nipples. The clamps bite into his super-sensitive nips so deeply that even yanking them with enough force to fully stretch the nipples won't remove them. What could be worse? Doing the same thing to his dick - including the tip of his foreskin.

Back in his singlet, our college wrestler is stretched out on a wooden table, his perfect ass bulging through the Lycra. The skintight material provides little protection when the single-tail whip crashes into Taye's ass. He screams and thrashes against his bonds. The man then cuts away the singlet and continues with the whip.

Taye is on his back, stretched wide, stripped of what's left of his singlet. His stomach, chest, underarms and pubic area are shaved clean, first with an electric trimmer, then a razor, leaving his entire upper body hairless and raw. When he sees the rubbing alcohol, Taye cries out in terror. When the first splash hits his skin, the pain is worse than anything he ever imagined.

Beautiful young Taye, still wet with the stinging alcohol, is pulled taut by a boat winch attached to his wrists. Once he is fully stretched, his pecs flattened, his abs sucked-in hard, his real torture begins. He is flogged up and down his torso. The whip is stunningly painful, especially when it hits his dick and the super-sensitive skin that was once covered by pubes.

With his coach returning in the morning, Taye has his worst torture to endure: ten hours bolted to an iron triangle. To make things interesting, a hard-plastic vice-grip is clamped onto the tip of his cock. The pain is excruciating. Taye screams and begs for release. He struggles to remove the clamp and find a less stressful position, but his muscles soon begin to cramp and his dick throbs in agony. His coach will be very pleased.
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