Dak Ramsey, Lars Svenson, Robert Thorn - Greased

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DescriptionDak Ramsey, Lars Svenson, Robert Thorn
Tow-truck driver Dak Ramsay makes house calls, but when he goes into tall leather-clad Lars Svenson's house, he's not allowed out until he plays in the lair. Lars brings in slave Robert Thorn, a cute brunet with a jock, collar and sunglasses to blow Dak, valiantly fighting and still trying to get out. But, the combined efforts of Robert's sucking and Lars' attention to his mouth and pits calms him down. Lars and Robert have obviously done this before, because they tag team efforts work so well on Dak. Lars gives Dak his cock to blow so he can work around Dak's body and keep Robert in place. Robert's fuzzy butt gets some fun fingering and rimming from Dak, who then gives his ass over to Robert for the same. Even Lars wants to taste Dak's bum. The secret weapon of the scene is revealed late, Robert's enormous dick! Dak and Lars share it before Lars downs it and Dak's together. Robert is rather wanly dildo-fucked before Dak gives him a much better live pounding, the most electric in the movie. Dak really hammers Robert hard, in multiple hot positions. There are no real impressive cum-shots, but Dak has learned the lay of the land, tossing Robert back into his closet before the scene fades out.
Scene 3, Mustang Greased
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