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masked mayhem 9 - Cage Thunder & Lightning Rod vs Stinger - bgeast

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DescriptionThe proud tradition of the masked luchador has always been dominant in the squared circles of the Latin countries. The mask symbolizes the wrestler's power: his strength, skill, determination and essence- his mojo. Being unmasked by an opponent in front of a crowd of screaming fans is the ultimate humiliation and unmanning of the masked stud - a public loss of manhood which is the wrestling equivalent of castration. This is partly why masked thug Cage Thunder enjoys stripping and then owning the mask of his beaten foes.

From his very first match at BG East, Cage has made his primary purpose perfectly clear: there's nothing he loves better than defeating an opponent by stripping him of his symbolic manhood. He ritually removes the symbol of his opponent's power and then uses it as an additional weapon of humiliation and domination. In mean, lean Lightning Rod, he has found a partner with boundless wrestling talent and the same dedication to sadistic brutality; it's like the two bullies were made from the same bolt of spandex cloth.

Experience can often be a double-edged sword for a wrestler. New wrestlers, green and still wet behind their ears and fresh out of training school are always told that with experience will come victory - that one has to take the beatings and learn from each defeat. The other side of that sword is a wrestler should never become accustomed to losing in the ring. But sometimes, for one reason or another, a wrestler becomes inured to defeat. Sometimes it's because the booker/promoter pigeon holes him. Sometimes it's because he sells defeat so beautifully well the fans demand it of him.

Once the fog of loss begins to hang around even the most talented wrestler's head, it's hard for him to fight his way out of it and become a champion. Sometimes a losing wrestler has to shake things up - and putting on a mask is an excellent way to make a radical change. With his identity masked, all bets are suddenly off. So when two of his youngest and sexiest wrestlers, each with less than stellar win records asked The Boss if they could begin anew as a team under masks, he was all for it. After all, what was there to lose. if they sucked they'd lose and get unmasked and go back to singles action. If they won, they'd be new masked sensations. Plus, The Boss figures, Cage also has a new partner to break in, and what better way to debut his two new masked bodies beautiful but against two experienced heels? The best laid plans of mice and men, gang aft aglay.

And so, Stinger arrives at the ring in the BG East arena, fired up and excited to get a fresh, new start. His body is lean and ripped, his muscles are pumped and primed, and he certainly is feeling the power of his specially made mask - ordered from a master mask maker in Mexico City. And with his matching trunks and sleek black cape, he looks like a young superhero. He checks himself out in the mirror - a lot to like there - and then adeptly leaps over the top rope and into the ring.

Even the conspicuous absence of his tag team partner doesn't seem to daunt him in the least - he's fired up and ready to rage! And even when his nasty foes arrive and climb up onto the ring apron, with Cage demanding to know where his partner is - the cute Stinger defiantly insists he needs no partner! He'll take them both down, one at a time - despite the fact there are two of them and both are bigger than he is! Brave or foolhardy?

Gutsy and admirable, of course, but not an especially smart move for Stinger - as he soon finds out once Lightning Rod climbs through the ropes. Lightning Rod is no rookie - he's clearly a veteran with a nasty streak to rival Cage's, and he enjoys inflicting pain and agony on whoever dares to face him. The ring soon echoes with the agonized moans and screams of the hapless Stinger - as the Rod puts him through one body blasting hold to another - before tagging in Cage Thunder! The two heels take turns torturing the tenacious tight body of helpless sexy Stinger - certainly his mask seems to hold no magical mojo to help turn his plight around! And finally, some nasty double-teaming - a horrifying combination boston crab by Rod with a nasty head scissors from Cage--ends with Cage unmasking the brave, beauteous youth to reveal a face as lovely as his body...

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