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Alexi Adamov vs Bodie vs Brad Rochelle

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DescriptionThe match starts as the scrappy studs take it to the mat in a grappling clinic, their collegiate bodies rolling all over one another. It's fast paced and aggressive as Bodie and Alexi exchange crabs, scissors, armbars, and backbreakers, with neither able to get the upper hand for long. The stalemate is broken when a frustrated Brad enters the fray. He strips down to pro trunks and demonstrates the right way to make someone submit - at Alexi and Bodie's painful expense! But after one too many deliberately painful demonstrations, Bodie gets pissed and challenges Brad to a one on one! But Brad makes short work of Bodie, forcing him to tap and unceremoniously throwing him out of the ring by his hair and trunks. Brad takes on Alexi who locks Brad in a backbreaking camel clutch, and actually forces a submission! But poor Alexi ends up tossed out of the ring as well. "Oh you're gonna cry now?" says Brad mockingly as he rubs his eyes and gyrates his hips at the humiliated studs. One well-placed low blow later and Brad is on his knees, double-teamed by his former 'students'. Gut bashing Brad belly-busting is Brad's punishment as the rookies step on and stomp his delicious abs. No one suffers like Brad! Is this the end? Or does Brad have more fight left in him? A double sleeper finish unlike any seen before! Damn!!!

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