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RSS - Alone on the Range

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DescriptionAlone on the Range - 688x384px - AVI - 02:07:01 - 1,73GB - RSS - 2011

Tom Wolfe, Adam Champ, Chris Porter, Colby Keller, Lawson Kane, Leo Forte, Parker London, Parker Perry, Paul Wagner, Tommy Defendi, Wilfried Knight

"The lives of cowboys can be lonely, but when these sharp shooters are alone on the range, they find ways to pass the time and pleasure themselves in hot solo action. Complete with boots, cowboy hats and blue jeans in the hottest cowboy settings, these buckaroos jerk, jack, finger themselves until they shoot huge loads for you to enjoy.

Paul Wagner’s been working on the range all day. The rugged stud leans against a fence post, rubs his furry chest and smells his working man pits. Paul’s thinking of his hottest fantasies and tweaking his nipples. With no one else around he reaches into his jeans and pulls out his huge erect dick and begins to stroke away while grabbing on his balls. His great veined cock grows with every stroke until he works his it so well that he shoots several geysers of cum onto the ground.

Lawson Kane’s got his cowboy hat on. He had the day off and he’s been out fishing by the river. Since he can’t see a soul for miles and wants to make the most of the day, he takes off his jacket and starts feeling himself up through his tank top. He didn’t catch the big one, but he’s got something bigger stirring in his pants. He pulls out his massive cock and jacks it while running his hands over his sculpted torso. Laying back on an overturned boat he really gives his thick pole a workout, spraying globs of white jizz on his dark defined abs.

Parker London has returned to the barn to finish up his day, but he’s horned up. Before he completes his duties, he wants to take a break and satisfy himself. Making sure nobody else is in the barn, he starts to expose his ripped torso and hot arms covered with tats. Slowly he rubs his dick through his jeans, unbuttons his pants, and touches himself under his boxers. Making sure one last time that he’s alone, he pulls down his jeans to let his stiff cock out. He leans back and jacks at his meat pole until he spews two huge streams of cum onto the barn floor.

Colby Keller is a man’s man who’s super-aroused and searching for a spot where he can take care of his business. His cock noticeably hard through his jeans, he stops in a secluded area and removes his jacket and tank top showing off his pale sculpted chest. He needs to jerk off now and he pulls his thick rod out so he can work it over. He rubs himself, plays with his balls and slaps his cock around while he wraps his fist around his cock with spit as lube and strokes away before unleashing multiple pulses of creamy jizz from his piss slit.

Masculine, hairy and beefy Adam Champ approaches the stables wearing his cowboy hat and an open flannel shirt. He surveys the landscape to find that he’s the only one around. He rubs his furry chest and flexes his muscles, wishing he had another rancher to play with. Since he’s by himself, he can’t wait any longer and he pulls down his pants to feel his ass and cock. He likes the way his meaty, fuzzy ass feels when he rubs it. Getting himself super-aroused he pulls his pants all the way down and jacks away as he continues to feel himself up. His uncut meat feels great in his hand, and leads him to start jerking faster until he blasts streams of cum.

Complete with western shirt, ten gallon hat and boots, cowboy Chris Porter has been practicing his roping skills, but he wants to wrap his hands around something else. He gets under the cover of a huge tree, and starts to play with his tattooed chest, unbuttoning his shirt. It’s not long before this toned hunk has his hand down his pants, thinking of another man’s touch. After kissing on his biceps, wishing he had another cowboy to swap spit with, Chris pulls out his thick, erect stick and starts to massage it in his grip. He plays with his balls and jerks faster, finally producing a gush of cum that sprays the ground.

Tommy Defendi is wearing a tank top that shows off his muscular arms, his trucker hat and his ropin’ gloves. He’s found a spot where he can chill for a bit and he lights a smoke. Clearly he’s got other things on his mind as he rubs his bulging crotch and slips a hand down his pants to play with himself. With nobody around, he decides to pull his massive man meat out and handle it, rubbing and stroking it to a full-on erection. Only the cows are watching as he beats his meat until geysers of cum stream out.

Leo Forte’s been riding on the range all day in his cowboy hat, and all that bouncing around has him feeling frisky. He lays out his saddle blanket and gets completely naked - with the exception of his hat and boots. Leo doesn’t waste any time, and gets right to jerking his cock while he fingers his hole, dreaming of a hot cowboy inside him. His hole wants filling and his cock is rock-hard from the massaging he’s giving his pucker. He gets on his knees and wraps his lips around his whip putting three fingers into his ass as he beats his meat. After stretching his hole to satisfaction he lays on his back again, smelling his pits and licking his arms and charging to the finish line, where he squirts out a load onto his stomach and tastes the fruits of his masturbation labors.

Handsome and rugged Wilfried Knight looks like he’s waiting for one of his fellow cowboys to pass by the tree that he stands next to. When he doesn’t see anyone approaching he decides to take matters into his own hands. He starts rubbing his furry chest with one hand while he’s got the other one down his jeans. He pulls out his uncut thick prick and uses his spit to lube it up so he can really work his veined pole. He works his piece with both hands rubbing the exposed head with one and jerking the shaft with the other until he squeezes out spurts of milky cum onto the ground.

Surveying the land around the ranch, Parker Perry needs a rest from his long hike. He finds a tree trunk to sit down on and starts stroking his bulge and his chest. Apparently hiking got him really horned up because his huge dick is nearly bursting out of his jeans, and he takes off his sleeveless flannel, showing off his hairy pecks and stomach. He spits some saliva onto his uncut cock to work it in and lube up his tube steak and proceeds to feel himself up and jack his big mack. Once his jeans come down around his ankles, he’s really getting into the self-gratification, playing with his balls and cock and tweaking his nipple. As his foreskin bobs back and forth over his head, he works his cock right with both fists wrapped around it. Soon he’s jerking faster and faster until he unleashes his load.

Real-life farmer’s son Tom Wolfe rides his horse to an old bathtub that’s been converted into a trough for a drink. When his horse is done drinking, Tom ties him up. He looks around to make sure that he’s the only one around and starts taking off his clothes. He rubs his built chest and stiff prick, pulling it out to work it in his hands. He’s next to the trough, wanking his crank, rubbing himself all over, and smelling and licking his pits and biceps. He positions himself on the edges of the bathtub so he can stroke away and trust upward with his hips. He really gets into the situation, straddling the edge of the bathtub while working his stiff trunk, before shooting out wads of gooey cum."
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