♺ TeenBoysWorld - Winter 2012/3 Photosets Part 1 (Martin & Dima, Andy, Jack)

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More sexy galleries from Teens-Boys-World for you, dear gtru users! This time you're getting 3 galleries released over 4 weeks (as usual for Teens-Boys-World the duo gallery was released in 2 parts over the same number of weeks).

Here's what you can download this time:

ANDY - gallery 467 - Dream, released 17 December 2012 (110 photos)

Thanks to those who responded to my request for you to vote for his scenarios, I'm uploading this lad's gallery. But please be warned - although at least 18, this lad looks very young (too young for my tastes if I'm honest). Only download if you're happy with that.

Want more of Andy? Well there are currently no more galleries (or videos even), but there are 6 horny scenarios featuring the lad in the Fantasy TBW Game. You'll find them on pages 5 and 6 of the game (make sure in particular that you check Teapot's fantasy on page 6).


JACK - gallery 469 - Angel, released 31 December 2012 (105 photos)

Jack is one of my personal favorites and clearly one of the Divine Maker's too, because Jack has now ascended to Angelic status. ;-)

It's just such a shame that there's no angelboy on angelboy action in the Fantasy TBW Game :-(  Wait! What's that you say? There IS some angelboy on angelboy action! Read about Jack's angelic(?) escapades with another angel boy on page 6 of Fantasy Game (it's not everywhere you get levitating gay sex, you know!).

Also be sure to check Joelando's final chapter in the life and loves of that other Angelboy, Ugo. You'll also find it on page 6 of the Fantasy Game.

DIMA & MARTIN - gallery 468 - Studio-TBW, released in 2 parts - 24 December 2012 and 7 January 2013 (295 photos)

Thanks to matchmaker and Fantasy Game player Radestepe, this horny and handsome couple got together in the Fantasy TBW Game before TBW themselves realized it would be good to pair them up! Should a Russian all-boy wedding ensue, I trust Radestepe will be the best man! He's certainly the best man here for suggesting the first fantasy in the Game to make the transition from dream to reality (altough I still have my hopes that they'll film Taylor Lautner with Justin Bieber as suggested by yours truly, BummerBoy, lol. A boy can dream!)

The Sexiest Boy Yet?

TBW's newest published model is Brian (not to be confused with their model of the same name from 2006) and some of you may well think he is one of their sexiest boys yet (I do!). Check a collage I have made of him here: https://forum.gaytorrent.ru/index.php?action=profile;u=364733;sa=xFileManager;f_act=download;file=2h5msFMxLAt96XUkLnBX

And vote for his scenario in the Fantasy Game if it's one of the ones that turn you on https://forum.gaytorrent.ru/index.php?topic=18206.msg87763#msg87763

(remember you can vote for as many fantasies as you like - more details on voting in the next section).

Once again I am providing an incentive to get more of you involved in the Fantasy Game.

I'll upload his gallery when there have been fantasies submitted by 2 *new* contributors.

Your fantasy doesn't even have to be that long, even a single sentence will do! You can even contribute it anonymously. There's more details in the following sections, but first a reminder to show your love by sticking your thumb up a contributor or two...

Stick Your Thumb Up When Your Dick Goes Up!

When reading a fantasy scenario that turns you on, please show your appreciation by clicking on the "like" button (aka "Thumbs up" icon) below the horny post that got you going! Doing this takes less time than it does to read this sentence and yet so few guys do it (sigh!). I know that some of you enjoy reading the horny scenarios and stories as evidenced by the number of times some of you come back to read the fantasies, so please encourage the contributors, whose ideas you like, to post more by voting...

Play the Game!

Contribute a horny fantasy (or few ;-).

Because this is the FANTASY TBW Game, your horny scenarios can feature whoever you want as long as they're either famous or a porn model (even obscure porn stars and reality stars count), so sexy boys from other studios are just as welcome in the Game as TBW boys. As are famous lads from the worlds of sport, TV, music, cinema, etc etc. Your boys can be from any time period, for example maybe you want to pair a boy from TBW's early days as he looked back then with a sixties teen idol as he looked at the height of his popularity and loveliness. That's fine!

Be sure to say how your boys are famous if they are not TBW models (ie which porn studio / website they have worked for in the case of porn models).

Include pics of your boys if you can. Whilst not normally essential, this is a requirement for the 2 new contributors' posts. If, however, you're contributing a fantasy pairing (or other scenario) and aren't bothered about me uploading Brian's gallery, then as normal it's entirely up to you whether or not you include pics.

Specify what action viewers of the fantasy video or photo gallery would see. You don't have to go into any detail, but if there's anal sex in your scenario say who would fuck or make love to who.

And remember a single sentence such as "I want to see a video of Ugo and Akilo from Alexboys taking turns to fuck each other" is a welcome addition to the game!


Contribute Anonymously

If you don't want anyone (apart from me) to know that the very horny scenario you have in mind was your idea, send it to me as a PM (private message), letting me know that you want to contribute anonymously. I'll then post it for you, letting readers know that it was an anonymous contribution. No-one else will ever know that it was your idea!

You can also choose to have your fantasy posted with a pseudonym, ie a different name to the one you use on this site. Whether you want to post as Ugo-On-My-Dick or AngelJack or some other name, the choice is your's!

To send me a PM, click here: https://www.gaytorrent.ru/sendmessage.php?receiver=364733

Not Confident Writing?

You can also send me your fantasies by PM if you would like someone to check your writing before it's posted. This is useful if, for any reason, you're not confident writing in english. Be sure to let me know that you want me to check for and correct any mistakes if this is why you are sending me your fantasy. Once I've corrected it, I'll either send it back to you for you to post (so you get can get credit for it) or I'll post it anonymously on your behalf if that is what you want.

Multiple Contributions

Whilst I (and the readers of your fantasies) will be very happy if you contribute more than a single fantasy, I'll only count your first fantasy towards the two new contributions needed by new players of the game.


The 2 fantasies posted by the 2 new contributors must show sufficient originality as determined soley by me. What do I mean by this? Simple - whilst you're welcome to use as inspiration / a starting point any of the many example fantasies that I have posted in torrent descriptions and comments, you shouldn't just use my exact words or merely change a few words. If you want to post a fantasy about Ugo and Akilo as per my example on this page, use your own words! (Oh and crediting me for giving you the idea would be nice as well). But of course I'm sure there are plenty of completely original (and better!) ideas you can come up with. The world is, afterall, full of gorgeous boys ;-P

I expect to set a deadline for receipt of the 2 new contributor's posts, so either post your fantasy now before I set a deadline (or watch for updates in any torrents that I upload - searching for torrents that contain the words "Fantasy TBW Game" is probably the easiest way to find them). In the event that I set a deadline and 2 posts from 2 new contributors (at least 1 each) have not been received by then, I will not be uploading Brian's gallery. I will, however, give a week's notice (or more) before the deadline expires.

Assuming that 2 valid posts are received from 2 new contributors, I will upload Brian's gallery. However please note that there *may* be a delay in doing this - just like you I do have other commitments).

My "Thanks You"s, Your "Thank You"s

I am guided in what to upload by how users of this site respond. If few people bother to say thanks, I take that as a sign that there is little demand for the material I've uploaded, so please if you like my TBW uploads do one (or more) of the following:-

* click the button to say "thanks" (how easy is that?)

* show your appreciation with some seed points (generally I am only able to upload a few days each month, so my ratio is always in need of improvement)

* play the TBW Fantasy Game (link and details in the above sections)

My turn - I would like to thank the extremely skilled photographers of TBW for producing some of the finest erotic content ever. Consider thanking TBW yourself by taking out a paid membership if you can afford it. In such tough economic times, not all porn studios will survive, so if you don't want your favorite to go under (whether that's TBW or another site), show them your support from time to time!

I would also like to thank the parents of Jack, Martin, Andy and Dima. Most couples are content with either a baby boy or girl, but these true visionaries decided they wanted to conceive future sexy TBW models and for that I salute those Russian heterosexuals!
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