♺ GayWarGames - "Obsessed" 3-4 and "Deep Water" 1-2

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Original upload: 2014-10-26 |
GayWarGames - "Obsessed" 3-4 and "Deep Water" 1-2


Being helpless in the woods isn’t the best situation to be in. Like our young camper being harassed and raped by the Tchukistanian horny soldier. There is no escape for him. Only to submit and be obedient. Once his mouth is dried up from sucking, the soldier sticks it in to his tight and scared little asshole. Let’s see how long it’s gonna take to get wider.

Our young camper is being dragged into another location. He is tied to a tree, trying to handle heavy pounding. The Tchuki soldier is enjoying the anal after so long time, cause he didn’t see his lover for ages. Young camper is reminding him his BF so his dick is hard as a rock.


Being trained for the Tchukistanian army isn’t easy at all. Not even to get recruited. As a part of the whole process is bullying and beating. This young recruit is experiencing how it’s done. And the head recruiter is the toughest one in the Tchukistanian armed forces.

The recruit is being kicked and shout on to. Running around naked, in the cold water, while the the trainer is splashing water on him. Getting beaten up with a black-jack is nothing to compare with what is about to come. Let’s see if he is able to lick ass as a professional.


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