♺ Dynastud 3 -- South Beach (1996)

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Poor little rich boy Matt Bradshaw can only seem to have one night stands. Because of this, he must continually find new partners. That really is the basic premise for this sequel-in-name-only to the terrific series. There's not alot of plot at all (Bradshaw pays his way - unlikely given that I'd pay him if given the chance!) but some of the scenes are well worth your time.

Highlights include Matt dumping his thick wad on Damian Ford then licking it off (yummy), and Paul Carrigan doing some unspeakable acts in a hotel loo. Co-cover model Austin is as beautiful and as dull as ever (wake up, dammit!) and Matt getting it on with a hot Latin dude (who may or may not have stolen Matt's wallet) is worth it, too. (The leather-lite and sex club scenes are merely filler.)

Great cover art, so so execution, quite decent Bradshaw scenes. If you're curious take a peek. If you're a Matt fan, it's a must see.

Cast:  Matt Bradshaw, Paul Carrigan, Austin, Alexi Ferrara, Bruce McHews, Chris Ramsey, Doug Forbes, Clay Maverick, Rick Estephan, Damian Ford, Tony Franco
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