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The first contact I had with Lyncon was a phone call after a couple of quick text messages. As soon as I answered the phone I was hit by his amazingly sexy Aussie accent. This real bloke sound that in itself was enough to get you going. But on top of this, he had also just been released from prison a few days before hand, which made me more interested in meeting him, and hopefully getting him for a shoot on  the site.

The following day Lyncon rocked up to mine, and standing at the door was this sexy, confident bloke with this incredibly sexy and mischievous smile on his face. For someone who had just been released from prison, it was not the stern expression I was expecting, it was a hell of allot better.

As soon as the shoot started Lyncon was right into it. Before he even has his shorts off you could see he was supporting a major hard on. I mean, this guy looked huge. And as the layers of clothing came off, it came more and more apparent how big this young rough nut fella really was. I mean, this guy is packing one hell of a cock. It's not the largest cock I have had the privilege of filming for this site, but it was certainly one of the most challenging. Long and thick, with a base that would challenge even the most seasoned of men. Needles to say, I gave it a go :)

This guy is hot, his mischievous and sexy personality top off his rough boy next door looks. And his willingness to flop it out and let another bloke have a go, just makes him all that more appealing.

Lyncon - A 23 year old bloke fresh out of prison. There is no question to his motive for doing this, it was purely for the money. Having just gotten out, work was still a goal that was yet to be met, so he saw this as an easy way to cash up until he found himself something more permanent.

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