Osuinra Megapack

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DescriptionThis pack has all of the Osuinra releases I could find, numbered with both the original and revised numbering scheme

For some reason, volumes 1, 4 and 30 were causing the uploader to bug out.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll try and see later if they work separately.

[b]If anyone has any of the volumes that I don't: (OSU7 (OSUV2), OSU18 (OSUV13), and OSU35 (OSUV30) (new this month!!)), please PM me.[/b]

Volume List:
[OSU2] Muscle Journey (Masaki Koh) [PRZ56].avi 1.61 GB
[OSU3] Sexy Guys Make Love at Hot Springs [PRZ62].avi 1.86 GB
[OSU5] Zex [PRZ69].avi 1.27 GB
[OSU6] Muscle Beach [OSUV1].mp4 1.97 GB
[OSU8] Zex 02 [OSUV3].mkv 1.75 GB
[OSU9] Sexy Guys Make Love at Hot Springs 2 [OSUV4].mp4 3.06 GB
[OSU10] Sexy Handsome Battle [OSUV5].mp4 1.96 GB
[OSU11] Muscle Heat [OSUV6].mp4 1.96 GB
[OSU12] Promenade Kengo [OSUV7].mp4 861.42 MB
[OSU13] Male Sensuous Log-house [OSUV8].mp4 1.95 GB
[OSU14] Male Beauty and the Beast [OSUV9].mp4 1.96 GB
[OSU15] Zex 3 - Ryusei [OSUV10].avi 1.31 GB
[OSU16] Sweaty Muscles 2 [OSUV11].mp4 2.75 GB
[OSU17] SAFARI [OSUV12].mp4 3.13 GB
[OSU19] Zex 4 - Shun Matsuoka [OSUV14].mp4 1.96 GB
[OSU20] Koh's Asian Fun Travelogue [OSUV15].mp4 3.27 GB
[OSU21] LICK [OSUV16].mp4 1.93 GB
[OSU22] Zex 5 Dai Yamazaki [OSUV17].mp4 1.96 GB
[OSU23] Sweaty Muscles 3 [OSUV18].mp4 1.63 GB
[OSU24] Diviner [OSUV19].mp4 1.96 GB
[OSU25] Lick 2 [OSUV20].mp4 1.18 GB
[OSU26] Fun [OSUV21].mp4 1.62 GB
[OSU27] Diviner 2 [OSUV22].mp4 1.79 GB
[OSU28] Under Brother [OSUV23].wmv 1.11 GB
[OSU29] Fresh Oil [OSUV24].mp4 2.01 GB
[OSU31] Prince of Light and Darkness [OSUV26].mp4 1.66 GB
[OSU32] Super Osuinra 1 [OSUV27].mp4 1.89 GB
[OSU33] Super Osuinra 2 [OSUV28].mp4 2.52 GB
[OSU34] LICK 69 [OSUV29].mp4 2.21 GB
Added2015-11-14 10:03:30
Size56.05 GB (60,180,632,045 bytes)
Num files29 files