[Pig Daddy Production] Straight Abuse 1 & 2

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Straight Abuse

In this intense discipline movie, Daddy Shadow takes on the task of disciplining and humiliating three straight men. Watch as he takes considerable "pains" with each of them to show them the error of their ways. This is a must see for those who enjoy watching a firm hand applied to discipline these straight guys.
Approx Run Time: 65 min.

Release Date: October 1, 2005

Straight Abuse 2

The Straight Dads are back for more Abuse! And Gay Leather Daddy Shadow is more than willing to dish it out! Only this time the wives want their husbands Humiliated as well as Abused! And Daddy Shadow KNOWS how to Humiliate a Straight man, the ULTIMATE Humiliation from a GAY Man!
Startting the Married Straight Dads: Russell, Harley and Burt. With Gay Leather Daddy Shadow

Approx Running Time: 53 minutes

Release Date: April 2007
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