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BrokeStraightBoys: Johnny Forza & Denver Grand

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DescriptionThis isnÂ’t ever going to happen, but if BSB recorded Denver Grand reading telephone books, those vids would be as popular as our best suck and fuck scenes. Aside from his body and looks, there is something appealing about the guy. Maybe itÂ’s because he seems to follow the fun. Possibly itÂ’s due to his out-sized personality. Whatever, the reason BSB veterans will enjoy the start of this vid as Denver talks about everything, from the end of his marriage to his forgetfulness when it comes to bills.

New Jersey stud Johnny Forza sits next to Denver and gets some words in, but we all know when Denver is around heÂ’s going to be center of the trouble. LOL!

In todayÂ’s set up, Johnny is going to get a chance to tap DenverÂ’s ass. The cameraman notes Johnny is excited about that. No one can really blame him (grin). Denver wants to know who doesnÂ’t want a chance at his posterior.

“How couldn’t you be? Have you seen these muffins,” Denver says with a grin.

The boys strip, and Denver turns around to give us a show of his booty. Johnny gives the cheeks a smack, the first one is sort of weak (smile), and those buns jiggle.

Johnny will suck dick first and Denver has no problems with that.

“I’m not the teaching the type, but I like to get in there and be used. ”

He leans back as Johnny starts sucking. Our Garden State straight boy gets Denver hard, deep throating the sausage.

“Suck it harder,” Denver demands.

Johnny is breathing through his nose as his mouth is stuffed with meat.

“Take more. Take more,” Denver asks as he puts his hand on the back of Johnny’s head. The blond model gags, but gets back to his responsibilities.

They switch things up, with Denver wanting to “show how things are done.” Johnny sits on the bed’s edge, and the boy with the tasty muffins gets on his knees.

“Oh, fuck,” Johnny moans as Denver’s head bobs up and down.

Denver is smacking on that lollipop, getting it all wet with spit. ThereÂ’s even a moment when a line of drool runs from JohnnyÂ’s pink head to DenverÂ’s mouth.

“Ready to get fucked,” Johnny asks.

“Yeah,” Denver replies.

Denver gets on his hands and knees. Johnny lubes up and enters that hole in one slow motion.

“Oh yeah. You’re so fucking tight,” Johnny notes.

He starts drilling balls deep and Denver takes it all.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck me,” Denver moans.

The sound of Johnny pushing against DenverÂ’s ass fills the room. Both models are moaning and spewing nasty words.ThereÂ’s a shot from above, as Johnny slow fucks his partner. Those muffins have never looked more delicious.

“Feels good in that tight little ass,” Johnny asks.

“Oh, yeah,” Denver whispers. “It’s fucking intense.”

If Denver had a pillow, he would be biting it. Hard.

They switch positions. This time Denver gets on his side, his booty on the bedÂ’s edge. Johnny reenters.

“Fuck my ass,” Denver moans.

Johnny does that, filling that hole like itÂ’s never been stuffed before. The bottom maneuvers to his back, his legs pointed straight toward the ceiling. This position pushes Denver over the proverbial edge, his joy button mashed too many times. His jizz spurts all over his stomach.

Johnny pulls out and beats for his nut. His creamy load joins DenverÂ’s and even streaks his bottomÂ’s side.

These two need another one to join them for a hot trio! Who should it be? :-)
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