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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-06-08 | by unknown |

Remember when porno films where called "educational films"? Well, Bulging _|[][ k5traps, part documentary, part embarrassment of riches for _|[][ k5trap fetishists, could actually be classified as educational.

The first few minutes covers the history of athletic supporters in great detail, with some awesome vintage advertisements and images of models in obsolete "suspensory bandages". The rest is a virtual kaleidoscope of hung hotties in every conceivable kind of _|[][ k5trap. Some masturbate, others suck and fuck, and a few perform amazing feats like twisting their cocks and balls with the _|[][ k5trap so that they appear as engorged pretzels.

Sexy voiceover, of fantasies and personal testimony, accompanies many of the vignettes, adding another level of erotic excitement. The only downside, and it's a small one, is that some of the sequences are more like snippets than complete scenes.

A lot of the men who discuss their love of the _|[][ k5trap mention that they were at first frightened or repulsed. Almost as soon as they say that, though, they tell how all of the fear melted away as soon as they put them on. Many express their inability to wear a _|[][ k5trap without getting a major boner. That is, of course, the greatest aspect of this video.

Shot after shot of huge, dicks swinging from the side of a jock mingle with lingering images of bubble butts framed by elastic straps. Mark Baer, the pretzel twister, not only displays his rubbery talent with the _|[][ k5trap, but also shoves his balls up inside his asshole and impales himself on a beer-can thick dildo. He chews on the nicotine colored fabric, cums on it, and generally pushes the small swatch of cotton and elastic to its limits. He's fabulous.

A young man with a mullet and shaved nuts, talks about his first sexual experience with his gym teacher as he caressed his erection through the _|[][ k5trap. Another guy, with bright red pubes, describes how, for him, _|[][ k5traps are always tied to physical exertion, locker rooms, and the smell of sweat.

This leads to a fantasy sequence with Bobbie Davis and Scott Foster. They fuck in front of a mirror and trade blowjobs in the shower. Another fella, a real dirty one, sits on a toilet as he twists the jock's fabric around his balls and fingers his greasy asshole?matted hair all clinging to his fingers. The video continues like this for a while, offering scene after scene of men and their prized accessory.

The climax is an oral orgy in a gym. Blonde Dane Ford sucks a half-dozen huge cocks and ends up drenched in jizz. One man speckles his back with globs of mayonnaise; another creams his cheeks and neck. Ford, who's actually the only guy in a _|[][ k5trap, lies on the floor to finish himself off while choking on another man's wang.

Starring Bob May, Dane Ford, Peter King, Scott Foster, Jimmie Blue, John Strom, Mark Baer, Martin Thomas and Jeff Turk.

Directed by David White.
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