SBZ - Pack 7 of 7

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DescriptionSBZ - Pack 7 of 7

All right now. Every 153 videos are uploaded. Promise fulfilled.
In this last pack, one third of videos are performed by Jaxon. It's a real Jaxon overdose. It's my fault, because I have misaccounted that and I should have planned a better distribution.
Just a final notice. It seems that Jeremy (vid 90) has been removed from the SBZ site. Currently there is a Jeremy there, but is a different boy. I wonder what could be the reason of this fact. Jeremy is also in vid 67 (pack 1), vid 88 (pack 3) and vid 95 (pack 5). If you subscribe the site you won't have access to these four videos anymore, so this seems now the only way you get them is by  getting these packs from my uploads.
The site SBZ is counting 370 videos now, so it seems that it still has a good rate of updating. But it also seems that it keeps offering stream only and DRM protection, so I'm not interested in signing the site so soon. These 153 videos are well enough for now. Maybe by Christmas I have some time to catch new videos and share them with you. Who knows?

Bye all. It was really a great pleasure to me to share these videos with you. See you around GTRU.

Content of Pack 7 is:
015 Adam 571 MB
027 Will 375 MB
046 Jaxon 613 MB
068 Alec 427 MB
082 Jaxon 316 MB
089 Alec 514 MB
090 Jeremy 441 MB
113 Sven 346 MB
118 Jaxon 219 MB
124 Rafael 654 MB
145 Jaxon 292 MB
150 Alan 942 MB
162 Jerry 973 MB
176 Jaco 350 MB
180 Will 350 MB
190 Alan 361 MB
198 Dric 336 MB
209 Alec 269 MB
225 Brendt 368 MB
230 Jaxon 227 MB
240 Jaxon 399 MB
244 Jaxon 744 MB
249 Devin 881 MB
259 Jerry 555 MB
263 Brendt 187 MB
265 Jaxon 368 MB
and also a PDF containing the whole list.

Haven't the Packs 1 to 6 yet? Use the following torrent addresses.

Answer to user Lemar: No. These are really all I have. If you visit the site you can see there aren't almost any action videos at all. I think the daddy is only into sucking. Two only exceptions are in Pack 6. Click in the last link and check the images preview to select that files in the torrent.
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Size11.76 GB (12,629,273,860 bytes)
Num files28 files