Factory Extreme - Hardcore Wrestling

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DescriptionIf you're a sucker for a young, cute guy in a singlet, you'll really get into "Hardcore Wrestling", the premiere title for the new line - FACTORY EXTREME. This video has lots of backdoor action. Backdoor. It's a legit wrestling term. It means: To go between the opponent's legs from in front until you are behind him. Yup. That's what it means.

Martin Lorenzo, from scene one, is perfect in this. He looks like the captain of your high school team. The guy you've been dreaming about fucking for years. Dream no more. He wrestles cutie T.J. Kummings - winner tops loser. When he looses the match, Kumming then gets to put Lorenzo into "Hip Pop" position/ Factory Extreme style. "Hip Pop" is a wrestling term, too. It's "an explosion of your hips upward and forward into your opponent......this is necessary after the initial penetration of an opponent to finish the takedown attempt." Whatever you say, coach.

In other matches, it Sparks vs. Rollins, Stenston vs. Woodall and a great lube rassle between William Hunt and Jordan McCay which number one, just looks like fun. And number two, includes a double dildo scene that puts some of that extra lube to good use. "Double inside" is a wrestling term too, but that's not exactly what they mean.

"Hardcore Wrestling": It will take your cock to its "Finish." That means: To complete the action you initiated. And you'll have the jizz-covered mat to prove it.

T.J. Kummings
Martin Lorenzo
Kal Sparks
Kellen Rollins
Brett Stenston
Cory Woodall
William Hunt
Jordan McCay
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