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DescriptionCENTURION MUSCLE I (2005)
The four scenes presented in this feature are modern odes to steel-pumped muscle and sweat. Detailed studies of primal animal passion and testosteroned libidos packed into granite-chiseled bodies. There is no plot to encumber the participants, just the rush of their own sex drives to direct the action. Watch in wonder as these masses of meat confront and conquer each other just as they would in the wild. This is porn as sexual documentation on the mating habits of the greater carnivores, the apex of their species, the alpha whorehounds.

Last year erotic icon JD SLATER stunned the industry and porn fans alike with the release of his magnum opus to beefcake "CENTURION MUSCLE". The incredible worldwide response to the title inspired JD to go for even greater heights and the results can be seen in this major homage to the biggest and best of the planet's brawniest men, CENTURION MUSCLE II "ALPHA". Like its predecessor, this isn't just some collection of pretty gym bunnies coldly posing for the camera. HELL NO! This movie gathers together mountains of masculinity from across the world and showcases them having the sort of sex that legends are made of. Surpassing all previous benchmarks, SLATER and his cast of supermen redefine macho passion and power while managing to capture the real sexual intimacy generated by these monuments of flesh. Get yourself plenty of lube and disconnect the phone--this one is going to grab you by the short and curlys and not let go till you are totally spent.

Get ready men and assume the position to receive the next chapter of the muscle Juggernaut known as the CENTURION MUSCLE series, 'CENTURION MUSCLE III OMEGA". This latest JD SLATER study of lust and power picks up where the MEGA- HIT CM II ALPHA left off and then ratchets up the sexual energy to yet a whole other level of intensity visually and viscerally here to for unseen in contemporary erotica. With a cast of nine monuments of massive man flesh including exclusives JAKE DECKARD, ERIK HUNTER, BLAKE NOLAN, MICK POWERS, HUESSEIN and ARRON ACTION plus special guests TREY CASTEEL, KEN MACK and JD SLATER discovery LEE MANE this feature threatens to explode right off your screen. Every scene sizzles with electricity, every moment drips with essence of each studs libido, every image a bold statement that will etch itself onto your mind. This is one of the most anticipated releases of SLATER'S illustrious career and it never disappoints, presenting a guaranteed modern classic.

RAGING STALLION STUDIOS' worldwide family of premier film companies very proudly presents the latest testament to testosterone brought to you by the house that international muscle built, JD SLATER'S CENTURION PICTURES XXX: CENTURION MUSCLE 4 'EROTIKUS'. A heart-stopping real, truly intimate study of the 'mega homo erectus,' captured at his most passionate and powerful primal heat. CM4 elevates sex and flesh to a level of art that will make you sweat and growl like the manimals it documents. This is a monument to all who lust after monster-dicked mountains of massively buffed heroes of hoochie, the ones who stride like giants and rut like pigs. These are the real deal muscle gods of your dreams doing it with an intense reckless abandon that will totally redefine all previous benchmarks of full balls-out, take-no-prisoner & expect-no-quarter doin'-it-till-you-drop sex. Nothing here is scripted, censored, or staged. Every moment unfolds raw and electric, dripping with the alarmingly honest inner beast power every elite CM sexual gladiator brings to his match. As only he can, SLATER has concocted a heady erotic brew of sleaze and desire that will intoxicate the viewers the same way the cast got high off each other. It not only achieves the lofty levels of its predecessors in the series, but goes on to push even deeper into the libidos of its men and audience. It is, in short, a triumph.
All the prime meat is here, so as the company motto goes, Carpe Carne (Seize the Beef)!

The #1 major muscle movie company on the planet, JD SLATER'S CENTURION PICTURES XXX, in association with RAGING STALLION STUDIOS are very excited to announce the latest release in the best selling CENTURION MUSCLE series, CM5 "MAXIMUS". This collection of horse-hung, oversexed, mega-muscled manmeat not only hits the erotic heights of its illustrious predecessors, it powerhumps and pumps up the action, setting a whole new standard in musclehead porn. JD SLATER, along with co-director and videographer JAKE DECKARD, takes the viewer on a trip that transports them to a grungy nirvana of steamy and seemly delights where big dicked musclebears rut and grunt their way to pigfuck heaven. This is a sleazy, over the fuckin’ top account of what happened when they gathered together the 9 biggest and horniest gymrats they could find worldwide, then let them run amuck in a haze of testosterone-enhanced balls-out anarchy. These are buffed, massive, hairy, tattooed cockmasters that pound each other like world peace depended on it. This video captures the raw animal energy of their amazing, real-time, unscripted whorehound sexcapades... and they are even better than you could have possibly imagined. No one else in the adult industry serves up the juicy big meat with as much spice and sizzle as SLATER/CENTURION/RSS. So grab the lube and your dick and get ready for the "MAXIMUS" juggernaut of prime beef that is going to barrel off your screen and into your wet dreams forever!

JD Slater presents a new chapter in dick-slurping, ass-pounding sex! Fuck your plots. This isn't a motherfucking bedtime story! This is man-sex. This is MONUMENT.

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